Grow Q&A: Should I Grow Pot With A Partner Or By Myself?

Dear Dan,
Funny question here: Say two people want to grow and one has seeds and the other knows how to grow. What is the etiquette for the grower/seed provider relationship? Do we split everything half and half. I have the rare seeds, but my potential partner is going to have to do almost all of the work so he wants more than 50 percent. I’ve got land, but it’s my family’s, and I refuse to disrespect that. — Blazzr

Dear Blazzr,

I would avoid any type of pot growing partnership altogether if at all possible. I’ve seen too many friendships ruined by the complications that arise when people go into the bud business together. Your potential partner is right; if he’s doing all the work in his chosen grow space, he should definitely get a larger share of the returns. If all you’re doing is providing seeds, you should try to get a deal on the bud and clones produced or just charge him what you think is fair for the beans beforehand. This way, neither party enters into the deal with unrealistic expectations, and you guys can remain friends. Caveat: I’ve seen plenty of partnerships work for the better, and they all have one thing in common—all the details were worked out beforehand without any vagueness about the terms of the agreement.

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