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Grow Q&A: Should I Top My Flowering Pot Plants?

Dear Dan, I have a few plants that have been in the ground since late May. Two of my plants are 12-ft. tall. I’m concerned because a few neighbors have commented. The buds are just starting to form so they’re not ready for harvest. What if I was to top off say a foot of plant to make it less visible? Would that kill it? – Tre

Dear Tre,
Topping your plants while flowering won’t kill your plants but it will surely effect your yield. Taking off the main branches after flowering has begun will heavily impact your future harvest weight but limiting what you reap from those branches. The side branches will end up filling out a bit more so it won’t be a huge loss but all topping should be done during the vegetative stage and preferably not within two weeks or so of the plant starting the flowering stage.

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(photo by Danny Danko)

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