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Grow Q&A: Stop Telling People To Move To Colorado To Grow Pot!



Hey Danny, I recently read your response to Jeremy D from Texas regarding his heat issues. While your advice to cool his temps were spot-on, you then for some reason told him to move to Colorado. What the fuck, man? Why would you do that? Traffic is fucked, the rent is too damn high and the influx of douche-nozzles has been tremendous. Please, for the love of God herself, stop telling people to move here. Keep Texas out of Colorado! – Joe M.

Dear Joe,

Wow! You seem a little mad about the influx of people moving to the great state of Colorado. My advice to Jeremy was based on the fact that he could end up spending years in prison in Texas for doing exactly the same thing he could be making a legal living doing in Colorado.

I understand you may have a problem with the rising cost of living you’re experiencing but try to see the bigger picture. People are moving to Colorado (and other legal states) in order to treat their, or their children or loved one’s, medical issues. Veterans are relocating to heal themselves from PTSD and brain injuries. Growers who have hidden in the underground are now free to ply their trade and come out of the shadows.

In the grand scheme of things, this reefer refugee movement is a great development. Eventually, as more states legalize, the pressure on Colorado (and Washington, Oregon and Alaska) will decrease and people will flock to other places, but for now, some slight inconveniences for a few locals are greatly outweighed by the greater good for our expanding community and industry.

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(Photo by @DannyDankoHT)