Grow Q&A: What’s The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Pot Seeds?

Dear Dan, I’ve been searching around the cannabis seeds that are available on the Internet and I have a question. What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor seeds? I keep seeing them listed this way and I don’t understand what they mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m stuck numb in the brain.
– Mark in TX

Dear Mark,
The difference is in the genetics of the plants that the seeds will grow into. Seeds more suitable to outdoor growing grow stocky branches that have no trouble holding up the weight of heavy colas and can stand up to the harshness of wind and rain. Indoor seeds may need to be staked up in order to thrive and may be more susceptible to pests, molds and diseases than their counterparts that have been bred for outdoor conditions. Many plants will do fine either indoors or outside but some simply can’t hold up to the rigors of nature and require a bit more pampering to thrive. Others such as extreme sativas with very long flowering times shouldn’t be grown outdoors in higher altitudes and colder climates with early frosts. They won’t have nearly enough time to finish and mature before they freeze and die. Choose your seeds wisely!

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