Grow Q&A: Why Are Seeds Forming In My Growing Buds?

Dear Dan, Good morning from Grand Junction Colorado. I have an indoor grow and have noticed in my recent harvest that I have seeds in one of my ladies. I have eight plants at a time in my growroom and there was only one that came out more than a dozen seeds or more. I haven’t had any males at all and the plants are inside. So can I make those seeds my own and call them what I want? Why does it do it to one and not any of the others? – Lisa O.

Dear Lisa,
There are several reasons that your plants could have become seeded. One is that cannabis pollen from male plants outside found its way into your growroom but it’s far more likely that you had a hermaphroditic plant inside your space. Tiny male flowers can emerge from “female” buds without being noticed and release small amounts of pollen in a localized area resulting in a small amount of seeds in your colas.

As for the seeds, they’re almost definitely not going to produce anything that you’ll really want to smoke. “Feminized” plants that turn out to actually be hermaphrodites and then “self” themselves will produce half female and half hermaphroditic seeds, burdening you with the same problem you had in the first place. It’s better to grow from seeds that have been produced by breeders meant for potency and production.

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