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Hash Review: Blueberry Waltz 90u




Hash: Blueberry Waltz 90u 2nd Wash from Natural Mystic Caregivers & Full Melt Extractions; First Place Denver 2014 Medical Cannabis Cup – Non-Solvent 

Genetic Lineage: Sour Waltz x Afghan Blueberry

Fresh/Dry: Didn't Specify

Trim/Nug/Whole Plant: Whole Plant

Micron: 90u

1st/2nd/3rd Wash: 2nd Wash

Tools: Monocle with 16x-21x Magnification, Halen Honey Hole, Joel Halen Carb Cap/Dabber, Snic Barnes Bubbler, Silika Drop-down, Newport Torch, Rig Rag, Aaron Brooks Mood Mat, Parchment Paper.

Visual/Press: 3/5
When I received this sample to review and opened the jar in the dispensary, I saw a golden-brown chunk that was already a caked up, chalky, crumbly consistency. Instantly, I could tell that this hash had some water that wasn't fully wicked out before they put it into the jar, or they didn't cold cure their hash correctly. I asked the bud tender how they stored their hash, and she told me they take their hash out of their refrigerator at the start of the day, display it during business hours, and return it to the fridge at night until the next business day. That scared me. EVERY dispensary I have been to that carries good full melt, and EVERY person that I personally know, leaves their full melt in the fridge, and it stays in the fridge until it's purchased or consumed. The temperature fluctuations from going in and out of a fridge multiple times will alter your cannabis concentrate. Could be looks, smell, taste, melt, and/or the high that could be compromised. In this case, the look was definitely affected.

Once I got ready to dab, I pressed it out between parchment. It wanted to hold together, but it was clearly visible that the pressed hash was cloudy and chalky; and barely held into a patty. Under my scope, I saw several tiny pieces of plant matter. Definitely could have been rinsed slightly better. When I went to Natural Mystic Caregivers, Full Melt Extractions gave them several grams to give to me to review. I was surprised to see they label first, second or third wash on the jars, as well. Never seen anyone else in Colorado specify that.

Aroma: 3/5
Sweet/earthy/hashy/kushy – almost similar to a subtle, old-school cologne. Once the trichome heads had burst open and the oils spewed out, the scent wasn't as strong, but theres a slight hint of fruitiness on the end of the inhale.

Taste: 2.75/5
Very earthy, and kushy with a slight fruity taste that's very feint. Has a slight, harsh aftertaste that is kind of rough on the back of the throat. Definitely does not taste like it smells; smell is slightly stronger than the flavor it gives off.  The taste was not very appealing to me. That doesn't mean it taste bad, its just something I am not used to, or just personally don't like, and I personally don't like to have my throat hurt after a dab. 

Burn/Melt: 3/5
Decent melt. Left a significant amount of char on my quartz nail. It bubbled away very nicely, though. Definitely smelled lots of residual burning off of the nail. It left a lot of burnt, dry char that made the entire place stink. It seems like there was equal amount of burn to melt ratio. I watched it bubble away the first half, then it started burning. Didn't fully melt, but bubbled away nicely.

Effect: 4.5/5
Focused/calm/relaxed/work-mode/creative. Great effect from this strain. Good for studying, doing homework, finishing projects, or anything that needs a lot of your attention, and exercising, as well. Had a good one-hour duration of effect. Pretty good for people who consume a lot of cannabis.

Overall: 3.25/5
The look definitely did not appeal to me in any way. The aroma wasn't as strong as it could have been. The taste was OK, the burn and melt weren't all that great, but the effect is what saved this hash. I would like to see a fresh batch of this Blueberry Waltz to see how this compares. I personally won't get full melt from this shop until I know they change the way they store the full melt hash in the fridge, plus change the way ALL the full melt sits on the shelf. Great shop for CBD-rich strains and products, but not my first stop to shop for full melt. It was pretty pricey for the dried hash they offered at the time, and it was not even fresh compared to other shops carrying better quality for less.