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Hash Review: Sin Mint Cookies by Altitude Organic x Colorado Extraction Company




Genetic Lineage: (Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Blue Power)

***[Sour Double x Master Kush] x White Moonshine = Blue Power

Fresh/Dry: Fresh-Frozen Hand-Trimmed

Micron: 90u

Tools: Monocle with 16x-21x magnification, Halen Honey Hole, Halen Carb Cap/Dabber, Snic Barnes Bubbler, Silika Dropdown, Newport Torch, Rig Rag, Aaron Brooks Mood Mat, Parchment Paper.

Visual/Press: 5/5
White sand! Looks like pulverized diamonds under 16x-21x magnification, even with the naked eye! Shines like it in the sunlight, too! Once it greased up, it got a few shades darker, but still had an off-white, creamy rich color to it. Once it was pressed out, it looked like there was nothing there on the parchment! As thin as I pressed it, and as light of a color the hash already was, it completely blended into the color of the parchment. Incredible. The color of the pressed hash was a beautiful; an almost pale color that was incredibly clean-looking under the scope. In about 1/4 of a gram flattened out, I only saw about 2-3 specs of plant material; and the bright color of the pressed hash made it easy to spot any impurities. Superb visual appeal while it was fresh and sandy, then too when it pocket-cured and greased up, and also after pressing it into a nice patty, everything about the way this hash looked was phenomenal.

Aroma: 5/5
Incredibly sweet, funky, kushy, floral, skunky, cookie scent upon the initial inhale. Tingles the nostrils a bit once you get a good whiff of the freshly-cracked jar. Opened it once it was cold, and definitely smelled nice, but once the hash started to warm up and get a little above room temperature inside the jar, all hell broke loose with the aroma. The scent intensified, and the smell lingered in the living room, staying for a bit. Definitely a strong scent that will alert others you if you open this jar in public.

It really smelled much more like Girl Scout Cookies once I pressed out the hash. Both aromas are great, but I prefer the scent I get from pressing out the hash. Not saying it doesn't smell good (just a personal preference), but I prefer the dominant Girl Scout Cookie scent I received over the dominance of the Blue Power. Still have the empty jar, and it still smells just as good as it did when I first received the hash for the review.


Taste: 5/5
It's the best of both worlds. My palette is almost overwhelmed with the complex flavors this amazing hash gives off. I get the sweet dominant taste of the Blue Power, complimented by the even sweeter taste of the Girl Scout Cookies. Incredible sweet taste that just kept lingering for minutes after the dab. Such a clean, kushy, floral, skunky taste that's identical to its smell. A very sharp, pungent, sugary, floral bouquet of dankness; an orgy of terpenes.

Burn/Melt: 4.75/5
Melted away as if I were dabbing BHO! Slow-bubbling clear domes that melt away, and leave barely anything at all! The entire Halen Honey Hole looked greased up from the large dab I took, and the slightest bit of char was left behind. No hashy, burnt, plant-material taste that most people get from dabbing water hash. This hash can definitely be dabbed with no problems on titanium without worrying about  any char buildup on the nail. Even on an E-Nail at super-low temperatures with about 3-carb cap hits. Dabs lovely even without pressing it out into a patty. Melt and burn is on point.

Effect: 4.5/5
Lethargic, relaxed, strong head high that creeps up on you. Not much of a couch-lock, but not too active. A nice mellow social high that might come on slightly euphoric. After a dab of this, I just had to take a nice, deep breath right after, and was incredibly relaxed, without an urge to dab, smoke a joint, or anything for a while. High lasted a while. Somewhere around an hour.

Overall: 4.85/5
Astonishing visual appeal in all forms. Cold and sandy, greased-up glob, and pressed-out patty. The aroma is godly, the taste is immaculate, the burn and melt was picture-perfect, and the overall onset of effects was like nitrous oxide to my body. Incredibly lazy, relaxed, and slightly euphoric. Great high for social gatherings. 

(Photos by Jacqueline Collins)

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