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Hash Review: Tangi Haze




Extracted by C.L.G Extractions, from JP Wellness

Genetics: G13 Haze x NYC Diesel

Fresh/Dry: Fresh-Frozen Dry Trim

Micron: 73u

Tools: Mothership 9" Clear Ball Rig, Quartz Club Banger Monocle with 16x-21x Magnification, Halen Carb Cap/Dabber, Newport Torch, Rig Rag, Aaron Brooks Mood Mat, parchment paper

Visual/Press: 3.75/5
It was already greased up and in one solid chunk when I received it. The product was a light amber/golden color—not the lightest full melt hash that I had ever seen, but it still looked good. It was in one solid grease ball that pulled apart like taffy. Great texture, decent color. Upon pressing, it stayed in a patty and didn't turn into that powdery, cake batter-like, dry consistency. I was able to grab one solid, clear patty right off the parchment. Considering how thin it was, it had pretty good color, but I could still see little pieces of plant matter under the scope.

Aroma: 4/5
Minty, spicy and juicy with a slight bubble gum flavor and slight hazy undertones. For a strain called "Tangi Haze," it really doesn't smell much like Tangi. The strange and complex aroma is definitely different but not in a bad way. Even after the press, it still kept a spearmint/menthol/bubble gum/latex smell.

Taste: 3.75/5
Toasted orange, clove, fennel, herbal tea, bubble gum, toothpaste! It almost reminds me of a Grand Marnier Smash (Grand Marnier, lemon wedge, mint leaves) that I can dab. Taking a dab of this makes me feel like I just came from the dentist. In a weirdly specific way, this hash tastes like the smell of a dentist office.

Burn/Melt: 3.75/5
Melts away very nicely, slight bit of char on the quartz nail that you can clearly see. It wasn't bad for the side dab I took but had a little more char than usual. It didn't muffin up on the nail and didn't leave a burnt, char taste.

Effect: 4/5
Great daytime high. It left me fully clearheaded, alert and awake with no couch-lock, lazy, tired feeling. It had that great sativa high without any paranoia or racy, talkative effects. If you have errands to run or activities to do, this will leave you with an amazing daytime high.

Overall: 3.8/5
Something seemed off. This strain has such a minty, spicy and peppery taste and scent, as if I just came from the dentist. The effect was nice, but the aroma was slightly confusing. I wouldn't expect this scent from a strain called "Tangi Haze." The melt is decent and still bubbled away pretty nicely, even though it left a slight amount of char. The strain was a unique one for sure, but I am not sure if I am a fan of its almost artificial smell and taste. Maybe it's me, maybe its the strain. But aside from that, I would consider it above average overall.