Hashtags and Acronyms of the Concentrate Snob

There’s a certain one-upmanship built into our wonderfully progressive concentrates culture. It’s cool to know about developments on the cutting edge of hash-making, but it’s even cooler to know about them before your peers do. Acronyms are a big part of this—people love rattling them off because it makes them sound smart, like a scientist or some shit.

Here’s a brief guide aimed at helping you make some sense out of all the acronyms and hashtags being bandied about by your hash-snob friends.

BHO: Butane hash oil (or butane honey oil) is an extract made using butane as a solvent. Commonly referred to as “dabs,” BHO is probably the most popular form of concentrate on the hash market today. Butane does a great job of capturing both cannabinoids and terpenes, plus it’s non-toxic and easy to get—which is why BHO is king of the marketplace.

RSO: Rick Simpson oil is a form of concentrate made by soaking cannabis in alcohol, which is then evaporated from the extract. RSO can be smoked, but it’s usually taken orally to treat cancer and other serious illnesses. RSO is simple and fairly safe to make at home and can be a miracle treatment for many severe conditions.

QWISO: Quick-wash isopropyl oil is similar to RSO, but the production method is a bit more refined, and the finished product is usually of a high-enough quality to make for an enjoyable smoke. With QWISO, the cannabis spends less time soaking in the alcohol solvent, so less chlorophyll and plant wax are present in the final product.

HTFSE: High-terpene full-spectrum extract is a type of concentrate made from “live,” fresh-frozen cannabis. Samples of HTFSE usually look like oily sugar. This hash tends to have a strong terpene profile because of the freshness of the starting material. Terpenes are much more than just delicious; they’re also very therapeutic. Different terpenes have different effects on our bodies and minds, so HTFSE is a great way to explore the complex world of terps.

HCFSE: High-cannabinoid full-spectrum extract is similar to HTFSE in that it’s a full-spectrum concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis, but HCFSE is formulated to be heavier on the cannabinoids. This stuff packs a punch, but it’s also very effective medicine due to the full range and concentration of cannabinoids in the finished product.

DTFO: Dabbed the fuck out is a condition brought on by dabbing out of your league. Too big of a dab, too many dabs, or too strong of a concentrate sample are all common ways to find yourself in the DTFO zone. Symptoms include loss of motor skills, inability to stay awake, and difficulty making sense of the world around you. The good news is that if you find yourself DTFO, all you have to do is allow some time to pass and you’ll be back with us in no time. Check out #DTFO for lots of funny photos taken by bad friends and posted on the Internet at the expense of the overly stoned.

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