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Help! My Pot Harvest is Drying Too Quickly



Dear Dan,
Quick question about drying and humidity. I live in NorCal and typically have pretty dry air in October. You mentioned the humidity should be around 50 percent in the drying room. Should I buy a humidifier? Do I use it from day one (cutting and hanging) of the process? — Dan

Dear Dan,

Yes, you should purchase a humidifier for your drying room if the humidity is less than 40 percent. Buds that dry out too quickly taste harsh and burn improperly. A slower drying process allows the chlorophyll to break down and improves the final product immensely. Use the humidifier from day one and make sure to use a humidistat to maintain the levels where you want them. Plants give off plenty of moisture in those first few days of drying so it’s important to dial in your levels at all times.