High Times Magazine’s Best Nutrients of 2018

The best nutrients to increase the quality and yield of your grow–and your soul.
High Times Magazine's Best Nutrients of 2018
High Times Magazine's Best Nutrients of 2018
Roots Organics


Roots Organics makes some of the best nutrients in Oregon with quality ingredients. Their Buddha Bloom is “specifically created to promote vigor, increase yields and enhance quality in potting soil grown plants.”

Price: $49.99 (1 gallon)

Pros: Made with organic ingredients and blended into a high-quality nutrient. Increases yields and flavor in soil-grown plants during their growth and bloom stages.

Cons: There is no pouring spout so things can get messy. You’ll still need their Buddha Grow and Trinity if you want to use Roots Organics nutrients from start to finish.

Why We Like It: Organic ingredients that will help your plant get bigger and more flavorful.

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