High Times Magazine’s Best Nutrients of 2018

The best nutrients to increase the quality and yield of your grow–and your soul.
High Times Magazine's Best Nutrients of 2018
High Times Magazine's Best Nutrients of 2018
Advance Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Trio

Advanced Nutrients has been making some of the best nutrients on the market for a long time. With the Advanced Nutrients Trio, you get their popular Bloom, Micro and Grow blends in one package.

Price: $32.81 (three 1 L bottles)

Pros: Your plants will benefit from an unmatched array of amino acids. Contains fulvic acid and a powerful non-ionic surfactant, which form a multi-stage delivery matrix to ensure your plants absorb every bit of nutrients. When used correctly, the pH should balance itself out. If you have a history of pH issues, we recommend giving this trio a shot. That way, you have one less concern when growing.

Cons: Labels and instructions are confusing for beginners.

Why We Like It: Plants get more food and pH stays balanced with minimal effort.

Final Hit: Best Nutrients of 2018

Many growers are guilty of over-feeding their plants. An overfed plant is harder to save than an underfed one. That’s why High Times senior cultivation editor Danny Danko recommends always giving your plants fewer nutrients than the bottle recommends and only upping the amount of feed when it seems necessary. High Times cultivation editor Nico Escondido recommends using only water-soluble organic nutrients for your hydroponic grow. You should be able to find whatever type of nutrient you’re looking for on our list of the best nutrients of 2018.

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