High Times Magazine’s Best Nutrients of 2018

The best nutrients to increase the quality and yield of your grow–and your soul.
High Times Magazine's Best Nutrients of 2018
High Times Magazine's Best Nutrients of 2018
Fox Farm

Fox Farms Liquid Nutrient Trio

Fox Farms has a three-pack of liquid nutrients to handle all your plant’s feed needs. You get Grow Big Hydro for the start of your grow and Tiger Bloom for when your bud shows the first sign of flowering. The third bottle, Big Bloom, is perfect for use throughout the entire grow cycle.

Price: $49.14 (three 32 oz. bottles)

Pros: You don’t have to shop for three different nutrients. Fox Farms gives you everything you need to feed your plant throughout its various stages of life.

Cons: Pricier than shopping for separate nutrients from different brands.

Why We Like It: Easy to use and it covers all of the plant’s stages of life.

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