Hot Pot Products: Must-Have Gear for the New Year

Photo by Mike Gustafson, Courtesy Kushman Genetics

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

Sensi Superfood
Prices vary


Beneficial bacteria feed on sugars to reproduce and provide immense benefits when it comes to explosive root and plant growth. With Microbial Munch from Advanced Nutrients, these helpful fungi feast on carbohydrates and supercharge your ganja bushes, resulting in bigger yields and heavier harvests dripping with essential oils. Try it out on your next crop and see the advantages for yourself!

Hit the Nail


E-rigs are soaring in popularity these days with people who want a portable way to enjoy their concentrates. The battery-powered Source Nail from Source Vapes provides full temperature control and your choice of titanium, ceramic or quartz atomizers. The nail heats up in just five seconds, and the optional water-filtration bubbler gives you a clean hit every time. Also included are a metal travel case and a one-year warranty.

Hydroponic Chronic


Growers love the 6-Site Bubble Flow Buckets from Supercloset, which utilize Superponics, a fusion of hydroponic methods for successful and speedy growing. The increased levels of oxygenation and nutrient-solution circulation result in explosive growth rates. This fully automated recirculating system includes custom-molded, food-grade-quality lids and reservoirs, and it also comes in larger sizes to grow more plants in bigger spaces.



Clipping leaves from buds can be tedious work. The new TrimBin Filter, from the folks who brought us the original TrimBin, makes this chore easier and even sorts the different grades of dry-sifted trichome glands, which you can later press into your own premium-grade hash. Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the body and mind, these bins are light, easy to travel with, and a breeze to clean.

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