I Have Insomnia—Which Strains Should I Grow?

Dear Dan,
I need a short plant indica strain that has a nice “before bed” buzz. I suffer from insomnia and want to grow my own medicine. I have two 400-watt HPS lights and am going to grow in soil. A nice yield would also be a bonus. Also thinking possibly growing organic. Anyhow, I want my first grow to be from feminized seed. After that, I will grow from standard seed. — Fooshang

Dear Fooshang,

My suggestion to you is to grow an indica-dominant strain such as Grand Daddy Purp from Ken Estes (grandaddypurp.com), Big Buddha Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds, The Black from BC Bud Depot or Critical + 2.0 from Dinafem Seeds. All of these provide the nighttime relief you’re looking for with great yields to boot.

My recommendation is to start from regular seed and keep one chosen female as a mother-plant from which you can take clones over and over. Just be sure to flower a clone from the plant instead of the whole plant itself. That way, you won’t have to reverse it back from flowering to vegetative, and you can avoid the extra time, effort and frustrations that can arise.

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