Ladybugs and Spray & Grow

Dear Dan, I will be moving and will be starting a small (personal use) grow op in the garage. I worry about bugs and wondered if ladybugs were introduced, would that be a viable solution? I also want to use Spray & Grow.
I have used it with house plants and veggies with excellent results. I appreciate all the advice I get from reading High Times. What a wonderful resource for all of us newbies to growing. Thanks! – Judy M.

Dear Judy,
Thanks for the kind words! We love to hear it as we celebrate 40 years of helping people to grow their own cannabis. The most important thing to remember about bugs is to do everything you can to keep them out of your garden in the first place. What some people call “IPM” or “integrated pest management” is really just a fancy term for keeping things clean, checking your plants often and dealing with any issues immediately as they arise with a variety of methods to attack.

Ladybugs play a healthy role in IPM but you must also know that they migrate as soon as their population of food (mites etc.) dwindles so they won’t every truly wipe out entire pest populations before moving on. Be sure to change your shoes and clothes before entering your grow space from outdoors and always keep pets away from there as well.

Spray & Grow is a safe product to use, made with 100% organic micronutrients that help feed your plants things they might not get from a basic NPK formula. You’ll want to use it liberally during the vegetative stage and then less during the early part of flowering tapering off to not using it at all during the later stages of flowering.

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