Lifesaver: A Look into the Concentrates at Craft710

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Craft 710 is based out of Denver and Pueblo Colorado, and the name “craft” suits them—as this brand has mastered the craft of concentrates, providing bright and tasty BHO, PHO, full-melt water hash, distillate, hash rosin and more to the recreational and medical markets since 2015.

They are offered in over 350 dispensaries throughout Colorado, accessible just about everywhere in the state. Craft 710 provides an option at both medical dispensaries with its “Panacea” line, as well as the “Sesh” Line, which is available to the recreational market.

The Panacea products released by Craft 710 are their in-house grown and extracted concentrates.

I had the pleasure of doing a side-by-side comparison of four different extraction methods from one cultivar “Lifesaver.” This strain was put out for the Craft Panacea Line.

Lifesaver is a Cross of TGA’s JCB and BOG Seeds’ BOGbubble and has a unique terp profile; it is terpene rich and opens up with rank, fruity cheese and Tootsie Roll notes. It’s great daytime hash that doesn’t put you on the couch, but rather gives you the head change you need to get through a day’s work and feel amply medicated, a balanced high that does the trick.

Let’s take a look at these amazing concentrates from Craft 710.

The Lifesaver “Bubble Hash” is some melty goodness that was extracted with ice and water. A complex blend of rich mango, cheese, bubblegum, slight skunk and nutty aromatics rip through the nose for an alerting effect when inhaling its intoxication blend, extremely pungent and greasy bubble that presses out quite nicely. A creamy full bodied smoke offers a cloudy head effect, not a nap inducer by any means, but will relax you and put the haze over your eyes.

The Lifesaver “Hash Rosin” is creamy slabs of fruity fire. You can see the juicy terps barely holding on to the buttery texture—my personal favorite.

Made from the fresh frozen bubble hash above. This stuff is more pungent on the “LOUD” scale than the water hash; attractive odors fill up the room with dank terps immediately upon cracking the jar. The Lifesaver hash rosin is less nutty and skunky, than the bubble hash, but still holds on to the fruit, bubblegum and cheese, with a super clean high that doesn’t cast a haze over the eyes for a more refined effect without the cloudiness. I found myself happily returning to these chunks quite often.

The Lifesaver “PHO Sugar Wax” has an amazing bright color and aroma, extracted with propane. The PHO always seems so bright in the orange color spectrum, and the flavor is bright to match. These are solid sesh dabs. Sweet mango and dash of skunk flavor creates a unique bond to the palate that coats your mouth with fruity sweet oil. It was easy to dab this during the day and stay satisfied, a super clean effect in the head and light in the body.

Photo by Chewberto420

The Lifesaver “BHO Shatter” are transparent shards extracted with butane. The shatter offers a great flavor, but not as sharp on the nose or the palate as the others. The BHO still has a myrcene “mango” and skunk vibe, just not as pronounced. Clean melts and very smooth on the throat, its easy to handle, super stable chunks are simple enough to break off the right size for your head. The effect proves to be about the same as the PHO, a nice clean head and mild body.

It was a treat to be able to test these concentrates side-by-side, as well as all alone to study what nuances are retained or presented throughout different extraction methods—through the nose, the flavor and the effect.

Craft has an amazing presence in Colorado in the few short years they have been operating. Consistently providing a quality product bursting with flavor and aroma, you can always feel the energy from their work.

Craft 710 keeps the terpenes locked into the hash and never seems to disappoint. Make sure you check them out at and scope out their social media sites for new products and photos.

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