More on Auto-Flowering Strains

“Yield, potency and quality are all acceptable [in auto-flowering strains] and perhaps you’ll come to learn that autos perform a vital role in the ever expanding personal growing cannabis community.  Thanks for your consideration.” – Scott C.

A while back I wrote that I did not understand the allure of auto-flowering strains. Truth be told, my experience with them goes back over a decade, to a time when we were doing our big grows down in Mexico. Back then, it appeared easier for us to give the outdoor farmers in the mountains some auto-flower seeds, rather than attempt to formulate planting schedules and teach light deprivation techniques. Back then, the seeds were basically ruderalis and the experiments with the old growers in the mountains failed miserably.

Today, however, through good breeding and smarter growing techniques, auto-flower genetics have become vastly more suitable for our markets. And so I aim to correct a few misconceptions now.
To start, Scott is correct that these genetics do have an important role to play in the cannabis world. As a person who supports the over-growing of prohibitionist governments, I must admit auto-flower seeds give everyone a chance to grow – especially those in the more extreme northern and southern latitudes, where normal photo-periods are more of an idea than a reality.

Moreover, auto-flowers are ideal for indoor growers with small spaces, as these genetics tend more towards the ruderalis and indica side of cannabis, thereby producing shorter, compact and stocky plants.
I also know that the Dina Fem crew, as well as Milo over at Big Buddha Seeds, have been doing a lot of good work with auto-flower genetics (as it happens auto-flower seeds are very big in Spain), so no doubt these genetics are producing quality flowers with mid-to-high range THC levels. And we have also seen high CBD auto-flower seeds that do well for patients and are easier for them to grow.

All in all, auto-flower seeds have a definite place among cannabis users and growers and bring value to the table, especially where the growing ain’t easy! For more information, check out or any of the more reputable seed company sites working in this area!

Thanks for reading everyone and remember: Grow… And help the world grow, too!

Got questions? Email ‘em over to Nico at and be sure to put “Nico’s Nuggets” in the subject line!


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