New Marijuana Grow Op Is Offering Free, Full Facility Tours

A behind-the-scenes look at weed like never before!
New Marijuana Grow Op Is Offering Free, Full Facility Tours

The “farm-to-table” approach has become something of a mantra for craft and boutique culinary companies trying to keep an edge on the competition. On its own, the final product just doesn’t cut it anymore. People want to experience the entire process, to be wowed at every stage by the care and attention to detail that culminates in a superb glass of wine, pint of brew, and now, weed. Taking a page out of the same playbook, a new marijuana grow op is offering free, full facility tours.

Denver Marijuana Grow Op Is Offering Free, Full Facility Tours

When you walk out of Seed & Smith’s Denver grow facility, you’ll likely have a newfound appreciation for the fresh cannabis products you’ll be carrying with you.

Of course, the tour exits through the gift shop. And why wouldn’t it?

After you’ve seen new seedlings, walked through rows of bushy cannabis plants, popped in the terpene sniffing room and toured the extraction lab, how could you not take something home with you?

In fact, smoking on site is probably the only part of the “seed-to-smoke” process you can’t enjoy, thanks to state laws against public marijuana consumption.

But that hasn’t stopped Seed & Smith from planning for a “Napa-style” tasting room in the future.

Until then, the company’s grow facility tours take visitors on a journey through every stage of the production process. Whether the final product is flower or concentrate, the entire life-cycle of cannabis is on display.

Seed & Smith’s marijuana grow op is offering free, full facility tours that are educational and entertaining.

Home-growers will especially benefit from a first-hand look at commercial harvesting and curing techniques and the official trimming process.

Recreational and medical users will learn about the differences between strains and plant genetics.

There’s even a “Smelfie Station” for sniffing a variety of aromatic terpenes and posting a selfie to your feed.

Seed & Smith’s tours leave no part of the cultivation and production process behind closed doors.

In a way, this transparency helps dispel myths and misconceptions about a production process that in reality is clean, professional and highly technical.

Re-purposing an old fork-lift manufacturing facility, the atmosphere of the tour is akin to guided stroll through a museum. For anyone who’s ever toured a brewery or winery, a grow op tour will be a familiar experience.

And indeed, brewery and vineyard tours are major revenue for large and small-scale operations. In a business savvy move, Seed & Smith is getting in on the game.

They’re the first company to give the public such an extensive glimpse into a process that’s usually closely guarded and kept under wraps—a vestige, perhaps, of the era of prohibition.

Seed & Smith’s facility tours are bound to be a hit. Weed tourism is already a huge phenomenon in Colorado, which started selling recreational cannabis to the public in 2014.

So news that a marijuana grow op is offering free, full facility tours seems like a natural outgrowth. No doubt, other “premium craft” cannabis companies will soon follow suit.

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