Notes on the Veganix Nutrient Lines

Dear Nico’s Nuggets:
Have you had much experience with the Vegamatrix nutrient line? I’m a newbie grower, but gearing up for a pretty nice set-up and have read mixed reviews on it. My mentor had never used it, but he recommends it. Thanks – Travis R.

Hi Nico,
It’s nice to be directly talking to you! My name is Nick, I’ve been a grower for about three years now and an admirer of the plant my whole life. I’m currently running a Fox Farm line in coco and perlite and was thinking about switching to Kyle Kushman’s Vegamatrix line, but it can’t be used in a Flood-and-Drain system, which I plan on using next harvest to save time on watering. But I was also wondering what suggestions on a hydro system that would be easy to clean and use for these nutrients. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thank you. – Nick P.

We have two question for the price of one this week! Thanks to Travis and Nick for writing in and for their thoughtful comments on organic – or should I say veganic – nutrients. We are very big fans over here of organic/veganic growing!

To begin, let me say that over the past few years I have observed – through close analysis of data recorded over dozens of HT Cannabis Cups – that flowers entered into the competition that were grown using the Pure Life Veganix from Kyle Kushman not only tested higher across the board in cannabinoid counts and terpene profiles, but also have taken home a slew of competition awards. I was so impressed with the nutrients line that I have our entire facility at the Cannabis Genetics Institute (CGI, set to launch in 2016, by the way) using the Vegamatrix line and we have had excellent results. So yes, I guess I would recommend it…

But Nick P. brings up a good point/ question which centers upon the type of systems which would be best suited for using veganic (or organic) nutrients? As I do not use ebb-and-flow (flood-and-drain) systems, I check in with the Maestro himself, Kyle Kushman, and here is what he had to say: “Nick has accurately identified that Vegamatrix can’t be used in a flood-and- drain system – unless you use it as drain-to-waste. No re-circulating reservoirs can be used! But if you measure and mix your nutrients every day and then allow then to drain away, you could use this type of system.”

As for recommendations on hydro systems that are well suited for the Vegamatrix, CGI uses top-feed spray emitters with great success. Many growers fear using emitters with veganic/organic lines because some of them can clog the emitter heads. However, the Vegamatrix is nearly 100 percent soluble and micronized.

Why go veganic? Veganic nutrients are one step past organic nutrients, using mild nutrient formulas that do not include synthetics or salts that can build up and create nutrient lock-up within the root zone. These nutrients use only natural ingredients, none of which are derived from animals.

In my review of lab results from all Cannabis Cups entries that were grown using the Veganix line, over 90 percent of the entries went over 20 percent THC! Veganic (and organic) lines also have a tendency to produce better tasting and more flavorful and aromatic flowers. This could be due to several reason, but one primary consideration for cultivators is the fact that these lines are much easier to flush, leaving little residue in your flowers for a cleaner burn.  Best of luck guys and let us know how your gardens turn out!

Thanks for reading everyone and remember: Grow… And help the world grow, too!

Got questions? Email ‘em over to Nico at and be sure to put “Nico’s Nuggets” in the subject line!
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