Should I Grow Pot?

Dear Dan,
I bought my first issue of High Times 25 years ago and sent in my subscription card the next day. I’ve got a problem and hope you can give me some advice. I want to grow a couple of plants for myself, and I have no interest in making a profit. Maybe just give a little bit to some friends. Since I’m pretty much a lightweight myself, I don’t need anything that’s gonna “knock my dick in the dirt.” A little bit goes a long way with me.
Now here’s the problem: I’m a complete novice with no clue what I’m doing. And to make it worse, I live in a one bedroom apartment with a somewhat snoopy landlady. I have a decent sized closet, 5 feet high and 2 feet wide, to work with, but you’d be able to see light through the door cracks and odor might be an issue too. The landlady probably won’t recognize it, but just in case Officer Friendly should darken my doorstep sometime, I’d rather avoid it.
I’ve got a pretty good connection right now, but I’d like to do it myself just to say that I did and freak out my friends. I’ll burn a bowl for you tonight. Thanks! — Chris D.

Dear Chris,

It seems odd since I spend most of my time trying to encourage people to grow their own, but in your case, I would say you should hold off on cannabis farming until you’re in a better situation. Too many people try to force an undesirable location into a growroom and end up jeopardizing their safety and livelihood in the process.

Since you have a decent connection, perhaps it’s best for you to wait until you’re in a situation where growing wouldn’t be such a risk. The combination of your nosy landlady and your limited space and admitted lack of growing abilities could prove disastrous. Next time you move, consider whether the new place could be compatible with an indoor garden and take it from there.

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