Step Your Game Up: Rosin Technique 2.0

Hydraulic presses are changing the game.

The dab world moves quickly these days, so it’s time to see what’s new in the field of squishing.

A lot has happened since we discussed the rosin technique about a year ago. The craft of making rosin hash is moving away from the use of hair straighteners and parchment paper to more specialized tools. So if you bought a lot of Conair stock looking to cash in on the rosin wave, well, now’s the time to call your broker and sell.

Here are a few new items that can help you make better, more efficient rosin-tech dabs.

Rosin Presses

A host of rosin presses have hit the market these days, in various sizes and prices.

Small: These compact hash presses look like waffle irons, and they’re great for the beginner or the home rosin-maker. Two hot plates with a hinge—just put the weed in and press; it doesn’t get much easier than that. These small presses run about $300.

Medium: For those who take their dab-making seriously or are trying to start a career in rosin tech—or maybe just dab a shit-ton—these medium-size presses are the next logical step. They typically have a 5-by-5-inch hot plate and boast either a mechanical press or a lever system to help you really squeeze the good stuff out of your nugs. This kind of press is available for about $500.

Large:  If you’re thinking of quitting your day job to squish buds for a living, then this is the press for you. They usually come with hot plates in the 20″ x 20″ range and use some sort of hydraulic-pressure system. You can produce a ton of material in a very short time with equipment like this. These presses run about $5,000.

“Teabag” Filters

Another very useful item on the market these days are specially designed “teabags” to use as filters. Basically, you put your weed into the teabag (available in various sizes) and press it between two sheets of parchment paper in your rosin press. The bag allows the rosin to pass through but holds the plant material back. Using these teabags makes for a cleaner end product and an easier job pressing.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

No one likes to get burns, and these gloves are clutch if you’re a little clumsy. We’d recommend that anyone with a medium-size press or larger always operate it with the proper safety gear. Remember, it’s pretty hard to roll a joint when you only have three fingers.

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