Strain Review: LA Cheese from Essential Extracts

Texture: Whole Plant Rosin Batter
Cultivar: LA Cheese
Made By: Essential Extracts
Made in: Denver, Colorado


Essential Extracts is based out of Denver, Colorado and has been at the forefront of the solvent-less game since 2010. The term “solvent-less” to describe non-hydrocarbon hash, was coined by Nikka T to reference the extraction methods he was implementing, during a time when full melt water hash was the dominating force in the solvent-less industry.

Prior to 2015, water hash was the go-to for folks who wanted to avoid hydrocarbon extracts. Nikka T, a highly regarded extract artist produces some of the finest and purest hash on the planet and has been supplying folks with amazing products since he hit the scene, and Essential Extracts will always bring the heat when it comes to solvent-less hash.

And this La Cheese Rosin Batter is no exception.

Cracking the jar is like releasing an explosion of deliciousness that is trying to escape, like an ambrosial genie that’s been trapped forever inside a terpene bottle. It is simply wonderful. A soft and sweet anise-berry added to the slight funky, cheesy fuel notes are really something special. It’s a fragrance that saturates the air and lingers for quite some time.

The texture is a gorgeous creamy batter that you can’t help but keep dipping into, over and over. It’s easy to see that Nikka T and his Essential Extracts soldiers really make this with love and care.


I’m drawn back time and time again to the slight licorice berry and rich, sweet and skunky flavor that coats your taste buds, and sits there for what seems like forever, trapping your tongue in a flavor coma.

Beyond the incredible smell and flavors, the effect is what I crave.

Each dab feels like it’s the first time you’ve tried it. A nice head change with a solid body high every time, not a sleepy high, but a great relaxing effect. Almost like the renowned OG High that has beckoned me forever.

The LA Cheese always puts me in a great mood, maybe because it smells and tastes so damn good. You have to try this stuff.

LA Cheese is a cross of La Confidential and UK Cheese. This whole plant rosin batter is derived from water hash that is freeze dried and then turned into rosin.

I give it two thumbs up!

Make sure you check out Essential Extracts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more amazing solvent-less hash.

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