Strain Review: Lemon G from Craft 710

Photo by Chewberto420

Cultivar: Lemon G

Extraction Method: Butane

Texture: Shatter

Extracted and Grown by: Craft 710

Made in: Boulder, Colorado

Price: Approximately $45 per gram

Lemon G is a sativa-dominate hybrid hailing from Ohio, with her lineage being somewhat of a mystery. Folks say the Elusive G13 (possibly airborne cut) is the mother and talk about the father being Jordan of the Islands “Lemon Skunk,” or “Love potion #1.” Others say it’s just an Old School “70’s Columbian Landrace.” Mystery aside, Lemon G is a real winner and is sought after for its rich lemon flavor and energetic effect—and THAT is no secret.

Craft 710 did an excellent job of preserving the aromas and flavors in this Lemon G shatter. This is from Craft’s “Panacea” Line and is grown and extracted by Craft 710 in Colorado. The limonene terpenes are screaming at me; I can smell this from across the street. One whiff puts an immediate and inviting smile on my face. The flavor from the hit saturates the palate with a strong lemon explosion on both the inhale and exhale, and lingers like that of a cough drop coating your entire mouth.

The high has a nice onset of a cerebral effect, followed by an alert and happy high that will leave you laughing at the little things and enjoying Life. Lemon G is great for the morning and daytime if you need perking up; it’s not an all-day couchlock or a knockout high, but if you want to get off the couch or brighten up an outdoor experience, this is the stuff you want in your bag. I find it easy to function without fatigue, and it motivates me to complete my daily tasks when puffing on this Lemon G from Craft 710.

Limonene terpenes are known to aid in depression, and there’s something to be said about that, because a single whiff of this Lemon G can put a huge smile on my face, and each time I take a hit, it leaves me in a great mood. The munchies were non-existent, which is nice. Limonene is also known to be an appetite suppressant, so it could be helpful for those battling excessive eating habits. It’s great medicine for those struggling with depression, nausea or fatigue. Lemon G is a tasty sativa-dom variety that will keep you coming back time and time again.

One word of caution, Lemon G can make you sad if you run out! Go give it a try!

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