Superbad: ‘How Bad Are You?’

Vertical Companies, the only massive quality cultivator of cannabis, has decided to partner with the lifestyle brand, superbad inc. Vertical Companies isn’t just a larger-than-life grow facility that pumps out 4,500 pounds of premium flower each month. superbad inc., a sleek company in its own right, and Vertical Companies both have a massive heart. Employing over 200 people, superbad inc. and Vertical Companies still operates as one big, close-knit family. The team’s love for others carries through beyond its employees. As the companies partner up and demonstrate their altruism, it flows through community service projects that give back to those in need. 

High Times had the pleasure of visiting Vertical Companies & superbad inc., a dynamic state-of-the-art facility located in Needles, California for a not-your-average cannabis tour last month. And while we had to pick our jaws up off the floor for awe of the cutting-edge technology that superbad inc. has established their reputation on, and the Vertical Companies’ beautifully budding proprietary strains we saw, there was much more to this fashion-forward cannabis brand than we expected. 

The name superbad inc. alone gives you a hint into the secret club, a social membership if you will. It’s high-end and classy; never loud or obnoxious. Being in with the superbad inc. brand is a clear indicator that the taboo of cannabis consumption is a thing of the past. Let’s get superbad. How bad are you?

Heaven in High-Tech

We anxiously awaited this day. We would be visiting one of the largest legal licensed cannabis facilities in California. We knew we were in for some excitement, as superbad inc. is notoriously tech driven and focused on quality, so much in fact that the team won’t sell products or strains that they wouldn’t personally consume. Not to mention this large operation has over 800,000 feet of growing space and 1,800 grow lights. Let’s just say we couldn’t wait to see all the gorgeous buds glimmering and thriving under the unsurmountable number of lights. 

When we pulled up to the huge commercial building, we took a moment to enjoy the picturesque view of the desert landscape surrounding the facility. After being let in, we were greeted by a friendly vertical operations operation’s Manager Robert, who then introduced us to the superbad inc.’s Founder, Carlos Dew, as well as a few other members of the team. Walking in the front door we were quickly informed of one of the qualities that keeps superbad inc. clean and consistent—all members of the team go directly to the shower rooms before entering the grow facility. This is what helps the brand keep its plants and products safe. 

Walking down one of the massive hallways that seemed endless there were doors leading to rooms filled with cannabis plants in various stages. We were kind of taken aback that we couldn’t smell any cannabis scents drifting through the hallways like we’d imagined. And then it dawned on us why that’s a good thing, as each room was sealed up and the overall filtration system was something out of the future. 

One quality  that stood out to us was just how clean and organized everything was from the floors to the ceiling. We first sat down in the bud vault for a quick chat before heading out on the tour with Carlos Dew and his team. It was there that the familiar smell of freshly trimmed and curing nugs hit us, reminding us of the delicious scent of spices warmly simmering in a dish that grandma used to cook every Sunday. Our memories and our enticement were ignited. We had to close our mouths to keep from drooling. Entering a variety of rooms, we viewed the same thing over and over again, which was cleanliness, organization and some super happy plants! We remember thinking that if we were cannabis plants, we wouldn’t mind living here. Well, at least up until the day they murder us for our flowers that is…

Super Strains

It’s a well-known fact that High Times readers love their flower. And let us tell you, the flower offered by superbad inc. will not disappoint. The expert team is working tirelessly on custom strains in-house as well as always running small experiments with prototype equipment to keep pushing the envelope and learn more. The team’s confidence gave us an extra boost of excitement to try out some fire samples at home later that evening. Master Grower Orion Santana said, “We grow super fire shit here at superbad inc.” And fire is an understatement. Don’t take it from us, though. We offer pre packaged premium flour, pre rolls and concentrates. Three strains that we recommend you grab today from superbad inc. are Garanimals, Frozen Margy, Kosher Kushand Gelato #41. Tell them High Times sent ya! 

Extracts of the Future 

After checking out a variety of rooms we headed to another large building, which held the state-of-the-art extraction facility…. we’d be full of shit to claim we understood even half of what was explained to us about the technology and equipment here. However, we can attest that the place was spotless like a lab ran by an extraction specialist who is super passionate about what he does, and the product spoke for itself. The smells and appearance from the sample jars we were shown were extremely pungent and dare we say, sexy? All in all, the Diamond Line by superbad inc. is something to keep your eye out for “COMING SOON”. 

It’s worth mentioning, as a cannabis reviewer and self-proclaimed cannasseur, later that night a sample of Orange Creamsicle not only tasted mighty fine, but it definitely assisted us in achieving a great night’s sleep. Also, a vape pen has a super clean taste and doesn’t put us into a choking frenzy like almost every other one we’ve tried in the past. We’re not always a big fan of vape pens for this reason, so you can only imagine that this little guy has been hanging out permanently in our front flannel pocket. We’ve become friends over the past few days. 

Atmospheric Altruism

A quality that is most inviting and worth celebrating about superbad inc. is its commitment to the greater good. While interviewing Carlos and his key team players, he referred to them as his family. Personally feeling welcomed as a member of the family, it’s safe to say the communal vibe was strong at this impressive facility. One important reason this vibe was strong could be because Carlos is hands-on at the company’s day-to-day operations. And you know, passion flows from the top down. The passion and genuine happiness radiating from all the employees was impossible to miss. Every member exhumed an appreciation to be working alongside one another, doing what they truly love. 

The indoor facility runs 24/7, so it’s heavily staffed with seasoned pros from a variety of specialties including electrical, HVAC, extractions technology, cultivation pros, data researchers, healthcare, legal, real estate and more. It’s heartwarming to see a place in the middle of the California desert that not only creates hundreds of jobs that are much-needed, but also generating cash flow by doing work that is reputable. 

Some of the most compelling work superbad inc., does is for communities across California and Nevada. From feeding over 900 meals to those with food insecurity, to running a holiday toy drive that reached over 1,000 children, to hosting a ByeCovid event in partnership with Vertical Companies, which aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Compton, there is no end to the good this company does for the community at-large. Carlos confirmed that superbad inc. is looking to continue its mission with more opportunities to give back in the future. 

A Fruitful Future

Achieving great success this far, it’s mind-blowing to imagine that superbad inc.  has only just begun in a way. While the lifestyle cannabis brand boasts some seriously impressive numbers in terms of size and impact, plans to expand are on the horizon. After all, if you see the sheer amount of land already owned around its facility, you can envision the promise of expansion. 

Stay tuned, as over the next five years, superbad inc. plans to go public, while maintaining steadfast on its consumer-focused goal of creating a safe product. You can bet that superbad inc. will continue to become one of the baddest in time, joining in with the town of Needles and Vertical Companies to create more jobs and grow its big, happy cannabis family. 

You can find superbad inc. products at dispensaries throughout California, as well as delivery services like Cali Coast, Pineapple Express and Camp Nova.

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