Sustainable Sativa Organic Recipes

The eco-friendly growing practices at Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals (profiled in the March 2015 issue of High Times) have produced Cannabis Cup-winning marijuana. Learn all-organic recipes for compost teas, extracts and all-natural pest control from Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals’ San Lorenzo Shaman, cultivator of the award-winning Cracker Jack.

Four Part Harmony

Recipes for 100% organic flowers that add biology, nutrients, minerals and all-natural protection to soil.
By the San Lorenzo Shaman

1. Activated Aerobic Compost Tea

To add billions of beneficial microbes to soil

Into five gallons of water extract the following:
1/2 cup Wonder Worm Castings
1/2 cup California Humus

To this extraction add:
3/4 oz fish hydrolysate (by Native Nutrients)
3/4 oz Liquid Kelp (by Native Nutrients)
5/8 tsp HumaPlex fulvic acid powder (by Down to Earth)

Brew/aerate tea for four to eight hours and use immediately.

2. Top Dressing

Nutrients for microbes and plants

Mix the following well:
37.5 lbs worm castings (Wonder Worm)
16oz  (454grams) dry kelp (by Down to Earth)
16oz  (454 grams) fine dolomite lime
16oz  (454 grams) fish bone meal (by Down to Earth)
16oz  (454 grams) crab meal (by Down to Earth)

Top dress one tbsp of the top dressing into six inch pots, and 1/4 cup (two ounces) into five gallon pots each week until the last two weeks.

In weeks 9-13 (of a 15 week cycle) add 1/2 cup langbeinite (by Down to Earth) to six cups of top dressing.

Do not use extract or top dressing in the last two weeks, but give each plant one quart of compost tea each week.

3. Extract

For approximately 20-30 plants in five gallon pots

Into five gallons of water extract the following inoculant grade compost blend:
1 cup Wonder Worm Castings
1 cup California Humus

To this extraction add the following:
5 tsp. solution grade fish powder (by Down to Earth) during growth and three weeks into flowering
1/4 cup high phosphorus bat guano (by Down to Earth) during flowering
5/8 tsp HumaPlex fluvic acid powder (by Down to Earth)
1-1/2 oz liquid fish hydrolysate (by Native Nutrients)
1-1/2 oz liquid kelp (by Native Nutrients)
5 tsp  5% liquid calcium (by Down to Earth)
3 oz Bio Bloom (by Bio Biz) during flowering
1-1/2 oz Top Max (by Bio Biz) during flowering
1 tbsp “Natural Up” (by Earth Juice) if needed to raise the ph to 6.5
1 oz Epson Salts (garden, not pharmaceutical) for magnesium

Apply one cup of this extract per week per six inch pot and one quart per week per five gallon pot.

NOTE: I recommend using Ocean Forest soil mix. Add mycorrhizal fungal spores to this soil at each planting and transplanting.

4. Preventative Pest Control

In five gallons of extract add:
1/2 tbsp Actinovate (to stop powdery mildew)
1/2 tbsp Gnatrol (to kill fungus gnat larvae)
3 liquid oz Regalia (to strengthen plant immunity)

Spray plants each week with No Powdery Mildew if it does show up.

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