The Dirt on Grow Boxes

Dear Nico, Mike here, I wanted to know: what is the best grow box for a beginner. Keep up the great work!

Hey Mike, thanks for reading & writing in!
This is another very popular question these days and it makes me extremely happy to hear it, because that means more and more cannabis aficionados are beginning to grow their own at home – which is exactly how it should be!

Grow boxes are a great choice for all-in-one turnkey solutions for the home hobbyist. Each year, new models come out that provide all the trimmings one would need to set up a self-contained garden indoors. These grow boxes are often inconspicuous looking, secure in locking, and smart in terms of odor control. They come with lamps, air filters, plant containers, grow medium and nutrients!

A few keys to look for when considering various models:

Lighting: This is perhaps the biggest – and most important – concern. On one hand, you want a strong lamp that will provide good spectrum and lots of light energy to produce good yields. On the other hand, too much light equals too much heat; and ventilation is one problem air for grow boxes, especially if you want to keep the grow stealth, which is likely your goal.

Many grow boxes are fitted with LED lamps to combat heat build-up and save on energy costs, but that comes at the expense of yield. If possible, look for a grow box that comes with a smaller HID lamp, like a 250-watt HPS.

Ventilation: As mentioned above, make sure your box has vents at the top and bottom to exhaust heat and pull cool, fresh air in from the bottom. A small fan at the bottom for intake is recommend and the exhaust port should be fitted with a decent filter to eliminate odors…

Air Filtration: A decent filter mean an activated charcoal filter that will scrub the air as it passes through it, thus eliminating odor. This is key is you want your grow to remain hidden.

Security: It may seem obvious, but don’t get a grow box that is painted green, or has glass panels and otherwise screams, “This cabinet has marijuana growing inside!” (Of course, if you live in one of our glorious legal pot states, then go for it, as watching the plants grow through a window without having to open the door is pretty neat.) Some of the best grow boxes on the market look like utility closets or file cabinets. Also, be sure they come with a keyed lock so that curious little hands can’t open it.

Compartments: Lastly, grow boxes that offer multiple tiers for separating vegetating plants from flowering plants are very smart. This enables you to keep cuttings or germinate seeds of your favorite varieties and helps ensure a minimum flowering cycle times for each harvest.

What are some of the best brands of grow boxes currently in the marketplace? Check out: Super Closets (great for security and very strong units); BC Northern Lights (great programming capability); Cabinet Grow (compartments, LED lamps) and Full Bloom Hydroponics (good variety and custom selection).

Thanks for reading everyone and remember: Grow… And help the world grow, too!

Got questions? Email ‘em over to Nico at and be sure to put “Nico’s Nuggets” in the subject line!

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