When Should I Transplant My Pot Plants Into Bigger Containers?

Dear Danko, What is your recommendation on haw many times to transplant a plant into a new and larger pot or bag? – Dan

Dear Dan,
Honestly, my opinion is that you should grow your plant in one large container throughout its life cycle. Every time you transplant from a smaller container into a larger one, you risk doing damage to the roots. Even when done gently and properly, the plant still needs about a week or so to recover and start growing roots into the new soil.

I also believe that when plants become root-bound, the roots send a message to the plant to slow growth due to their confinement. This results in smaller plants and diminished yields. When the taproot has plenty of space to grow and the rest of the roots are expanding, the plant above will respond with vigorous growth rates. For these reasons, I suggest planting seedlings or clones directly into the container that they will be harvested from when the time comes.

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