Why Aren’t My Pot Plants Flowering?

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Dear Dan,
My plants are flowering but not looking like they will turn into buds. They have been on 12 and 12 for a month now. I’m growing the Money Maker strain. How much longer? — Peacock

Dear Peacock,

The Money Maker strain (bred by Strain Hunter Seed Bank) is an indica-dominant strain with an 8-week flowering time. If you’ve been in the 12-hours on/12-hours off cycle for a month and don’t see buds forming, then something is wrong. Most likely, you either have light leaks that are keeping the plant in the vegetative stage, or you’re not providing enough light for the plant to form tight flower clusters.

Any interruption of the 12-hours of darkness will result in the plant staying in the vegetative stage and not forming flowers. Go inside your grow space and turn the light off. If you see any light at all, eliminate it. Also, be sure that the light source you’re using is providing enough lumens and ensure that it’s close enough to plant tops as well.


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