5 Ways to Combat a High Tolerance

Everyone has different reasons for needing to cut back on their intake of cannabis.
Combat High Tolerance

Since some smoke more than others, there’s a certain threshold where it would be preferable to get higher on less material. For a lot of people, a tolerance break comes once a blunt doesn’t knock them off of their feet anymore. Nowadays, those that stick to concentrates find themselves running through grams of the stuff faster and faster and discovering that they can’t keep up with their tolerance. Both cases often end in a decision to cut back in some form on their daily serving of greens, but it doesn’t have to be such a dreadful experience.

Sometimes it’s a matter of switching back to smoking flowers from dabs, and other times it’s stopping altogether. While it might seem obvious to just smoke less when trying to lower your tolerance, your outcome truly is dependent on your method. Here are five ways to combat a high tolerance:

1. Smaller Dabs or No Dabs

Breaking out your dabs beforehand and purposely making them smaller than usual will both extend your supply and lower your tolerance over time. Dab mats or flat containers are perfect for these types of situations, as you can just pick your dabs off of the mat as needed. If that’s not working, try switching back to flowers. In a lot of places, flowers are cheaper and contain a smaller percentage of THC.

2. Roll With Smaller Papers

You’ll consequently roll smaller joints and therefore cut back on your smoking. Chances are the brand that you choose to roll with sells smaller sizes of your usual papers. Even if they don’t, it’s worth shopping around to see if there’s another type that you might like.

3. Try To Smoke Fewer Times Throughout The Day

Stretching out two sessions will keep you high throughout the day without being super stoned and without ganja later on. If you indulge a little bit more than you normally do in a single session, you’ll be good to go. For many, a wake and bake, plus a session right before bed is enough to keep the eyes red 24/7.

4. Smoke With A One-Hitter

You’ll use less pot and smoke discreetly, too. If you get a dugout, you can allocate a supply for on-the-go needs and then be on your way. The smaller hole and the small amount of bud required will put less of a dent in your stash And it’ll fit right in your pocket, so you can take it most places!

5. Take A Tolerance Break

It a dreadful option—cutting back altogether. No one really wants to do it, but if you have to, this is the most effective option for sure. Plus, your first time getting high after your break will be one for the books.

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