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What To Do When You Have Cotton Mouth

If you’re ingesting cannabis, cotton mouth is an inevitable side effect you’ll have to learn to deal with.

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5. Humidifier

What To Do When You Have Cotton Mouth

If you feel like the dry mouth from consuming cannabis is causing you to wake up with sore throats, a humidifier can help.

It can reduce the level of dryness in your mouth by keeping the air moist.

If you smoke indoors, use a humidifier during your session and while you sleep to keep your mouth and throat hydrated.

Final Hit: What To Do When You Have Cotton Mouth

Now you know how cotton mouth works and how to treat it. Make sure to bring water, candies or mints to your next smoke session.

They’re the quickest ways to combat it before it turns into a more annoying sore throat or long-term stank breath.

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