The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles

For a delicious holiday season and a tasty new year.
The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles

Whether you prefer non-psychoactive hemp foods or cannabis-infused vittles and drinkables that are high in THC, there’s sure to be something appetizing to make your mouth water on our list of the very best edibles to give your friends and loved ones — and yourself — for the holidays. Bon appétit!

Mood Bars by Chill

Each Mood bar from Chill™ chocolate is handmade using the finest quality, strain-specific, full-spectrum cannabis oil. Fall asleep effortlessly with the 4:1 Dream bar, brighten your day with the 2:1 Inspire bar, or experience cannabis-CBD’s true restorative “entourage effects” with the 20:1 Peace bar. Let Chill chocolate help you set the mood this holiday season! Visit for more information.

Price: $15

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles
Courtesy Wana

Wana’s Exotic Yuzu 2:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies

Need a little help recovering from that raucous holiday party? Wana’s Exotic Yuzu 2:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies can help calm stress, promote better sleep and make your holidays happier. Visit to learn more.

Price: $30-$40

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles

House of Saka Pink

Available only in California, House of Saka Pink is an Infused beverage crafted from grapes picked at the peak of ripeness from select vineyards with California’s iconic Napa Valley. The grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless steel for optimal flavor and aroma extraction before being infused with House of Saka’s proprietary CBD:TCH formulation. Nonalcoholic, micro-dosable and naturally low in calories, House of Saka’s Infused Beverages deliver a controlled yet elevated cannabis experience. Learn more at

Price: $49.99

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles


While on a trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp, cannabis activist Amy Nudelman had a brilliant idea: to make THC-infused gum. Her chewing-gum mastermind of a husband agreed the idea was revolutionary, but it took the couple ten years before the final product met their high standards. The result is JoyGum, a fast-acting flavored gum for chewing that is quickly absorbed through the mouth’s lining, with effects lasting up to two hours. Packaged in child-resident safety pouches, JoyGum comes in different dosages and a range of flavors, from lemon mint, watermelon spearmint, and bubble gum to blue raspberry lime, peppermint, mango and strawberry kiwi. The superb-quality, all-natural gum is both calorie-free and discreet, making the act of chewing gum even more fun than it ever was before. Visit for more information.

Price: $20

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles
Courtesy KIVA

Holiday Punch Camino Gummies

Get all the feels of Christmas morning with Kiva’s limited edition Holiday Punch Camino gummies. Each delicious gummy contains five milligrams of THC and boasts energizing terpenes with notes of cranberry and cinnamon that will have you leaping out of bed with joyful anticipation. Welcome to the most tailored edible experience on the market. Visit to learn more.

Price: $18

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles
Courtesy Coda Signature

Fruit Notes

Experience rhapsodies of flavor this holiday season with Coda Signature’s new Fruit Notes. A great stocking stuffer for every adult member of the family, these flavor-infused sugar confections are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free. Available in five-milligram THC pieces and five unique flavor pairings, there is sure to be an option for everyone on your list! Visit to learn more.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles
Courtesy High-Pops


Gift this 12-pack of cannabis-infused frozen treats to everyone on your “nice” list. Made with natural fruit flavors and five milligrams of THC in every pop, they won’t be disappointed. Visit for more info.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles

Paradise Vegan Gummy Drops

Only available in California, these delicious bite-size CBD gummies deliver a healthy, convenient dose of quality CBD. Paradise infuses each vegan drop with solvent-free co2 extracted hemp oil, organic sugar, tapioca syrup, and other natural flavors. They’re gluten-free, with non-GMO ingredients and no animal gelatin, corn syrup, or artificial additives. Check out the entire line from Paradise, the original maker of infused sweets, at

Price: $14

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles
Courtesy Ardent Cannabis/ Facebook

NOVA Decarboxylator & Infuser

A biotech and medical cannabis device company, Boston-based Ardent produces the NOVA™ decarboxylator, a laboratory-grade precision instrument that facilitates the creation of your very own edibles. The unit effortlessly activates the THC and CBD in your flower, kief, and concentrates in order to infuse butter and oil, yielding no odor while also drastically cutting down on cleanup time. It holds up to an ounce of flower and five ounces of kief, so it’s easier to accurately dose your edibles without excessive guesswork. Visit to learn more.

Price: $210 – $220

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles
Courtesy Organic Traditions

CBD + Golden Mylk Turmeric Instant Latte

A vanguard in the arena of organic superfoods, Organic Traditions creates a line of delicious dairy-free and probiotic instant lattes. Recently, the company came out with the keto-friendly CBD + Golden Mylk Turmeric Instant Latte, with the eponymous traditional Ayurvedic herb topping a lush coconut milk powder base and a fragrant, palatable mix of cinnamon, ginger, and saffron. Each serving features a mix of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, namely CBD, THCV, CBDV, and CBG. Visit for more info.

Price: $24.99

Some brands have paid for inclusion in this gift guide.

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