Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 12th Edition

High Times’ own Jon Cappetta breaks down the latest hype drops to quell those COVID blues.

Forgive my tardiness, but these recent drops have had me moving in slow motion lately! While there was a moment there where it looked like things may be getting back to normal, we haven’t gotten that lucky yet, so here we are again with another Cop List to keep your spirits lifted. 

We’ve been at this for over a year now y’all—wild! Seems like just yesterday I was wondering if anyone would be into something like this, and the amount of you who have reached out to show your support in the time since has been insane—thank you for rocking with me, and for all the recommendations on cool shit to cop. It’s true what they say, it takes a village to get through a global pandemic of unending magnitude, but there’s no village I’d rather ride out the apocalypse with!

Without further adieu, here’s #12—complete with some of the best the industry has to offer right now, but as always, we’re not omnipresent, so let me know on Twitter @joncappetta if there’s something I missed that should be on the next one.

Ball Family Farms Pre-Rolls

Photo courtesy of Ball Family Farms.

I wanted to pick one of these to talk about, but after trying their flight, I’d be remiss if I mentioned any of them individually, as that may be understating the quality of production here. While their cultivars are known for their stand out smells and picturesque buds, this is HIGH up there on my list of favorite pre-rolls to date. 

If I had to get specific I’d note that the Daniel Larusso is as good as you’ve heard, and I’ll likely be doing a full review on that before long, but seriously—if you’re looking to actually enjoy your preroll experience, cop from the Family.


Photo courtesy of Wizard Trees.

Wizard Trees and Deep East have done it again! After the hugely successful embrace RS-11 received from the community the past few years—thanks in no small part to Doja Pak’s push, of course—the duo went back into the lab to reimagine the masterpiece. 

A few months later and what’s resulted is a significantly more vibrant version of the RS we all know and love, packing an even more robust nose and flavor with that same clean high that’s sure to bring even the most seasoned smokers back the giggles. 

I know these guys have a bunch of big drops coming up the next few months so keep an eye on their socials for more info—if Instagram lets them live!

Connected – Nightshade

Photo courtesy of Connected.

Connected is on a HOT streak! While also launching Cactus Farms (their collab with none other than Cactus Jack himself, Travis Scott) around the same time, this new half-ounce format is one I know we can all get behind now that we’ve moved from traditional dealers into legal retailers. 

No disrespect to eighths, but if I like something, I’m copping a few—the half is a strong move. While the brand hasn’t dropped any hints that this new pack size will become a staple, here’s to hoping! As far as the buds, let’s just say it’s clear that Nightshade is one of Connected’s cultivars. With a nose reminiscent of their iconic Biscotti, and a little bit of the sweetness we’ve seen in Zkittlez and Runtz crosses, Nightshade is sure to be a staple in your turn down routine.

Doctor Exotics – Lemon Cherry Gelato

Photo courtesy of Doctor Exotics.

I’ll be honest, when I see Exotics in the name I’m not always expecting champion-level product, but I’m happy to report that the Doc has lived up to his name. While there are a loooot of people trying to grow LCG lately, few are hitting on the notes you’d expect from a cultivar with a name that sweet, but worry not about the Doc. 

He’s got his PhD in bullshit detection after all, so these flowers are coming exactly as expected—full of gelato flavor with hints of lemon and cherry ice that really smack. I know these guys are just starting to dip their feet into the legal market, so keep an eye out for a drop near you—everyone’s going to know this name soon.

Saka Spark

Photo courtesy of Saka Spark.

Let me start by saying I don’t drink alcohol basically ever—it’s not about the taste, but the effect never agreed with me—however, mocktails were always very interesting to me, and so cannabis drinkables have obviously been attractive. While the imitation beer products on the market just don’t tend to include the most enjoyable flavors, Saka Spark has cleared a lane in this highly competitive market. 

Although they already offer an alcohol-removed Rose and Chardonnay straight from Napa, their new Mimosa product (featuring real mimosa-strain specific live resin) smacks on every level the mocktail market strives for. If you’re looking for the perfect blend to replace alcohol at your brunch party, look no further.

Raw Garden’s Strawberry Rosé

cop list
Photo courtesy of Raw Garden.

While we’re on the alcohol-inspired tip, I also need to throw a shout out to Raw Garden’s Strawberry Rosé Live Resin Diamonds. That’s a strong flavor profile to claim, but I’m happy to report that it’s accurately labeled. 

With hints of strawberry sweetness and even that little tangy flavor you get when sipping the wine (that’s hard to describe with words, I’m sorry) all of the notes you’d expect are there, and boy does that flavor continue through the smoke. I’d highly recommend cleaning your rig out before dropping in a few of these diamonds, as you’re going to want to savor this flavor.

710 Labs Blunt Foils

cop list
Photo courtesy of 710 Labs.

They’ve made the list before, but 710 Labs shouldn’t require an introduction for our readers at this point. The mountain top in terms of quality concentrates and joint tech (shout out to the noodle doinks), these guys have also been known to run some killer merch. From top-level collabs (like their new line with the Grape Juice Boys) to unique and appealing home goods, I’ve got to throw a shout out to their Blunt Foils. 

While I may be late on these if you haven’t seen them yet, let this be your wake up call. Similar to the way people use the Backwoods packaging to roll up their blunts through a fold-and-roll technique, the legends over at 710 have created some throwaway foils of the same fashion so you don’t have to dump out all your woods to get a solid roll on. 

Additionally, the little wooden poker that comes in the pack has become the most optimal joint packer I’ve used to date, so I have nothing but great things to say about this one!

It’s also worth mentioning that 710 feels my pain on the whole eighth thing I complained about earlier, and sells their flower exclusively in (beautiful) half ounce jars. While I love that for a multitude of reasons, it’s especially important when you’re trying to get more than one blunt out of your bag. 710’s answer? Make bigger bags. (or, jars, but you get it…)

F/eld x Ember Valley – Ember Mints

Photo courtesy of F/eld.

If you’ve been dabbing for a while you should already know about F/eld and their next-level extractions. After getting scooped up by Glass House Group a few years back, I wasn’t sure whether the high end market would still be their focus, but I think this new collaboration with Ember Valley has cleared that up for us all.

This first live resin drop has me reconsidering my feelings on dabbing everyday as, I can’t get enough of this flavor, but it’s also so delicious that you’ll want to savor every last bit—a challenge for even the most experienced of us!

Wonderbrett’s Peach Oz

Photo courtesy of Wonderbrett.

Every time Wonderbrett drops a new flavor, I’m basically drooling until I get my hands on it, fantasizing about the terps that are about to bless my life, and while they never disappoint, few of even their creations can match their latest drop, Peach OZ. A cross between Zkittlez and their coveted OZ Kush, the resulting crop is not only beautiful in your nose—she’s a looker and she can hit. 

Closer to a true hybrid than much of the rest of their line, this flower is sure to be a crowd favorite for years to come. If you’re in LA, swing by the gang’s new shop on La Brea to check out their larger assortment, but I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re going home with at least a few Peaches in your bag …

Alien Labs’ New Vape Devices

Photo courtesy of Alien Labs.

Continuing the Connected domination, but marking these points into Alien Labs corner, I’ve got to shout out the new vape tech these guys have brought to market. A bit thicker than their last model, these devices feel upgraded all the way around, from the battery size to the hit strength. 

While both brands are of course rolling these new devices out across their lines, the details on Alien Labs products always make all the difference for me. While I might not be vaping as much as I used to with all this increased time in my own home, we’ll get back to the world before you know it, and if you see me at a concert in the next few months (or years!) know I’ll have a few of these in my pocket to get me through the event for sure. We’ll be back soon, I want to believe 🙂

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