How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil

An essential guide for stealthy stoners.
How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil
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The future we envisioned as children didn’t include people sucking on flash drive-like devices to get their nicotine fix. Juul vaporizers have found their way into the hands of millions. Most people use them to quit cigarettes. Others use them to fit in with their peers at the cost of developing a nicotine addiction.

If you haven’t seen a Juul device, it’s time to step outside the cave. They’re everywhere. A Wells Fargo analysis of Nielson data found that Juul sales have had a 783 percent growth in the span of one year. Even if you’re not a fan of nicotine, a Juul can end up being one of the greatest traveling tools for secret stoners. And the best part about these sneak-a-toke vapes is that people would never guess you filled your Juul pod with THC oil. And they say stoners are dumb. Ha!

Juul Statistics

Juul’s mission is to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Since the device has risen to popularity, smoking has reached an all-time low. While that’s great, many Juul users have a skewed perception of the harm that pod-based e-cigarettes can cause; as most believe they’re less harmful than actual cigarettes.

But a recent study published on JAMA Network Open found that only 37 percent of current pod-based e-cigarette users know that the liquid in the pods always contains nicotine. Furthermore, researchers concluded that “pod-based e-cigarettes are perceived as posing less harm or addictive potential while more nicotine dependence is being reported.”

Unlike nicotine gum or patches, the nicotine content of a Juul pod can make it hard to beat the addiction. In fact, a single Juul pod contains about 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine.

With those statistics in mind, anyone looking for a healthier or stealthier-use for their vape can fill their Juul pods with THC oil in 5 easy steps.

Starting Materials

Anyone with a Juul device and access to distillate is only a few steps away from having the ultimate tool for medicating in plain sight. In other words, bringing THC places it’s not welcome is way less of a hassle. That means music festivals, sporting events, and pretty much any place you can bring a Juul.

To start, you’ll need: an empty pod, a small Phillips screwdriver (or a similar sized flat tool), and a syringe of THC distillate. You should be able to find distillate at your local medical or recreational dispensary. Quality and prices will vary. There are grams of low-quality distillate for the same price as a gram of high-quality flower.

If your state lacks microbial or pesticide lab testing, it’ll be hard to tell a clean distillate from a dirty one. You’ll have to look at reviews or do your own lab testing to find a reliable source.

Step 1: Take Off Plastic Cap

The first step is getting the plastic mouthpiece off the clear pod. There should be a slit on both thin sides holding the top in place. Use the tool to gently lift the side of the top up and off.

How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil
Lift the slit up then pull the mouthpiece off. (@DabHanna/High Times)

Step 2: Remove Nicotine-Soaked Cotton Pads

Look inside the piece you removed. There should be a nicotine-soaked cotton pad on each side. Use the flat tool to gently scoop them out. You can soak them with a paper towel to get any remaining e-liquid out. Throw them away if you don’t want any additional nicotine when you fill your pod with THC oil.

How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil
Remove the organic cotton pads. (@DabHanna/High Times)

Step 3: Take Off Rubber Gasket

Next, you can use the tool to remove the rubber gasket that’s still on top of the clear pod. Set the rubber gasket aside until you’re finished with step 4.

How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil
Lift and remove the rubber gasket. (@DabHanna/High Times)

Step 4: Refill with Distillate

Now, you’re ready to refill that pod with something safer. Place the syringe into either side of the pod and squeeze the distillate out slowly. Stop before any overflowing happens.

How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil
Squeeze that syringe. (@DabHanna/High Times)

Step 5: Put it Back Together

Finally, place the rubber gasket and plastic cover back over the clear pod. Then, put it in your Juul vaporizer and puff away. The flavor and nicotine from the empty pod you used may linger a bit, but after a few hits you’ll be vaporizing pure THC oil.

How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil
Put the rubber gasket back on before placing the plastic mouthpiece back on the top. (@DabHanna/High Times)

If you only want to use a Juul device for the stealth factor and want to avoid nicotine at all costs, you can purchase empty Juul pods online. That way you can ensure you’re filling your Juul pods with pure THC oil. But anyone who enjoys a spliff or uses a Juul regularly shouldn’t have an issue. After completing the steps above, you’ll be able to travel with and use your medicine without fear of judgment.

  1. so this will work without any propylene glycol? i tried it before just using tincture and it wouldnt vape at all

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