Learn How To Make THC Oil That Will Work In An E-Cig

How to get high on the go for the low.
Learn How To Make THC Oil That Will Work In An E-Cig


Learn How To Make THC Oil That Will Work In An E-Cig

The final step before introducing the e-juice mix is to evaporate any remaining alcohol. This is where your thermometer comes in handy. You can use a water bath to keep any flames from getting too close to the alcohol.

1. Fill the pot with about 4 inches of water. Then, place your mason jar filled with liquid in for about an hour at 160°F. What you should be left with is a cannabis concentrate.

2. When there’s no alcohol left, add Terpenes or PEG/VG/PG. You can add about 25mg of any of these thinning agents. You’ll have to experiment with the amount of PEG, PG or VG in your mixture to suit your preferences. The more cutting agent you use, the easier it will be to vaporize big clouds from your oil. However, that means less THC and usually a harsher throat hit. If you’re just trying to get as high as possible, use just enough of the cutting agent to give the concentrate a looser consistency to fill a cartridge or tank.

If you have access to a PEG400 blend like EJmix, turning your cannabis into a viscous liquid for e-pens and tanks is easy. Just use 1 ml of liquid for every gram of concentrate.

Simple, right?

Without EJmix, you’ll have to experiment with the terpene, PEG, PG or VG to find the right ratio to work with your herb. Having an imbalance of any of them will lead to harsh hits to the throat and lungs.

Once you have evaporated the alcohol away, the solution should be warm enough for easy mixing. On the other hand, if it cooled and hardened up, you can apply light heat to loosen things up. About 1 ml of a glycol should be enough to turn a gram of concentrate into a liquid you can vaporize in e-cigs.

Use a syringe to transfer your medicine to a tank or cartridge.

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