The Science Behind A Wake And Bake

Why do so many people like to consume marijuana in the morning? What’s really going on in a wake and bake?
Not All Stoners Sleep Til Noon: A Guide to Productive Waking and Baking

If you’ve ever consumed marijuana in the morning, you may have found yourself wondering about the science behind a wake and bake.

It always seems to happen this way. The alarm clock goes off early in the morning to remind you there is a job and an evil boss out there eagerly waiting to make your life a living hell. You scream out something like, “Just one more hour of sleep!” before rolling over to hit the snooze. But then you see it—a fully loaded bowl of your favorite strain.

So, before anything else you reach for the smoking device waiting patiently on the nightstand for you to engage in the most sacred of morning rituals: the wake and bake. All of sudden, that desperate outlook on the day has somehow been transformed. The thought of getting out of bed and even putting on pants seems a little less doom and gloom than it was 30 seconds before. Marijuana has made the day more palatable.

For some, catching a head full of THC is just as much a part of wiping the cobwebs from the brain than several cups of coffee. But what is it about a wake and bake that has the ability to pull a person out of the morning funk and give them the strength to hit the ground running?

Wake and Bake Capital of the World

Not every marijuana consumer wakes and bakes. But, according to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, nearly 22 percent of the pot smokers in the United States do, in fact, catch a buzz within the first 10 minutes of the day. This makes the Land of the Free the leading nation in the world for wake and bake activities.

Although the data does not give any explanation for this phenomenon, there is some speculation. It is likely due to the majority of the American workforce being miserable. Last year, a Gallup poll found that two-thirds of the workers across the nation “hate” their jobs. What’s more is, over half of them feel no connection to their work.

Most of the respondents said they simply do the bare minimum in order to collect a check. But being high in the morning has a way of erasing some of the anxiety of dead-end employment. For some, this practice even provides a boost that lends to super-productivity.

Wake and Bake Science

The Science Behind A Wake And Bake

As with all things marijuana, there is very little documented science behind the wake and bake. But everyone seems to agree that marijuana gets us higher first thing in the morning than any other time of day. There are a number of theories concerning this subject.

Some believe the intensity is nothing more than an illusion—the brain is not functioning at full capacity yet, thus creating the perception of a more intense buzz. But there is a more logical reason. When smoking marijuana first thing in the morning, the THC is hitting a drained body. It is similar to how coffee reacts differently in people who drink it in the morning, as opposed to later in the day.

In the morning, the body has been without nutrients for several hours. This makes THC appear more potent. Why? Nothing else has yet been consumed for cannabinoids to compete with. Think of it in terms of other medications. If taken on an empty stomach, these drugs are stronger than usual. As for the achieving the uplifting effects from a wake and bake, the science is in the hundreds of components in a strain.

Wake and Bake Tips

If you are waking and baking with anything other than a Sativa, you’re doing it wrong. Sativa’s can provide creativity, energy and focus. Sour Diesel and Blue Dream are excellent selections. An Indica is a mellower buzz. These strains are much better for baking before bed.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is also helpful to eat something shortly after the first hit of the day. Although a person might be high, happy and ready for work, the body still needs food to function at its maximum capacity. Plus, minding nutrition can help level out the buzz and give it some sustain. Marijuana can be the ultimate supplement.

It is also wise to have a firm grip on the dose and ratio of THC and CBD. Too much THC in the morning and the boss will surely know. If he or she doesn’t, the paranoia coursing through your veins will, without a doubt, convince you otherwise and convince you that a drug test is coming.

Vaporizers can provide the early high timer with more control over the size of their hits than old-school methods, like smoking a bowl. Low dose edibles are also an easy way to maintain an even buzz throughout the day. Depending on a person’s work environment, they are also less conspicuous.

Problems With the Wake and Bake

The Science Behind A Wake And Bake

Some addiction experts argue that waking and baking is less therapeutic and more of a problem. In 2016, a team of researchers found that using marijuana in the morning could be a sign of cannabis addiction.

The study, which was published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, suggests that the wake and bake practice is no different than a grabbing a few beers in the morning. Drinking alcohol during the day has long been associated with alcoholism.

Overall, the wake and bake study concluded that anyone who smokes weed before noon might be suffering from deeper issues.

“Morning users reported significantly more problems than non-morning users, and morning use accounted for significant unique variance in problems,” the study abstract reads. It goes on to say that “Morning use of marijuana may indicate dependence and increased cannabis-related impairment.”

Final Hit: The Science Behind a Wake and Bake

When it comes to the wake and bake, it is really about what works for the individual user. This can take some practice.

For those in their early twenties, it can be fun to go to work blown out of their minds. Then somewhere around a person’s late thirties, the intensity of the morning buzz becomes less important. It is often replaced with a more balanced high.

These are the cannabis enthusiasts who have perfected the science of the wake bake through years of dedicated experience. Not to mention, trial and error. They are professionals. Ask anyone of them and they will tell you a hilarious horror story about being too stoned on the job.

Take note. As with anything in life, true skill comes over time.

  1. Why is it that alcohol is compared to cannabis when they are nothing alike. People take medicine during any time of the day and most every day users consider it as such and consume marijuana like a medicine.

  2. I personally think its more of a tolarence brake. If you smoke every hour or so…then you would imagine after not smoking for 8 to 10 hours that it would hit you a little harder.

  3. It calms my IBS and I wake with no pain if I have a joint with my coffee .it has so many uses and more people would be calmer every morning if they had a joint in the sun before work .

  4. I noticed how the article never mentions how people get to work? Lots drive 5 tonnes of metal to get there. That is a big hole on this article. Weed is not coffee and impairs your ability to drive. I would argue this article is irresponsible for at least not mentioning this aspect of the wake and bake.

  5. I have a beer along with cannibis for a very mellow wake up. The beer is an anesthesic (pain from knee replacement), and the cannabis alters my mood just enough I can overcome the depression for a bit.

    1. When they wrote the words: “Overall, the wake and bake study concluded that anyone who smokes weed before noon might be suffering from deeper issues.”, they were talking to you. Anyone who needs weed and booze to get out of bed, needs help.

      1. “Anyone who needs weed and booze to get out of bed, needs help.”

        Yeah, it’s called “weed” and “booze”, you nincompoop.

  6. I think Eileen needs to keep their liberal ass comments off a page that has 0 concern with them. If you don’t like what people do, stay out the comment section Karen…

  7. This is absurdly. In no way does wake and bake equal to drinking when waking up. Wtf. Do people actually believe this way. NO, I would rather y’all idiots at least put it along the lines of some taking their Adderall, some taking their anti depressant. But NOTHING LIKE AN ALCOHOLIC. it floors me that after all these years the government STILL HAS PEOPLE BELIEVEING THE STORY LINE THEY CREATED YEARS AGO. COME ON PEOPLE THINK LOGICALLY AND FOR YOURSELF!!!!!

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