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How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

Learn how to stop a joint from canoeing to be the hero at the smoke session.

Ab Hanna



2. Light Evenly

How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

Even if you rolled a perfect joint, you can still cause it to canoe by lighting it the wrong way. Take your time when sparking up.

Don’t start smoking and passing the joint until you’ve got it lit evenly. This can be tricky in windy weather so try to block any wind when igniting the tip.

A wild wind can move the flame and burn an undesirable part of the joint, causing it to canoe right away. Fortunately, you can still roll a joint in a windstorm and have it smoke if you do everything right.

To prevent the joint from burning unevenly right at the start, spin the joint while burning the tip. Make sure you’re equally distributing the flame to every side. Once it looks evenly cherried all around, you can take a puff to see if it is, in fact, burning evenly.

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