The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers (2019)

Even the most distinguishing stoner will love these gifts for the sophisticated smoker.
The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Piece Water Solution

A sophisticated individual is defined by their wealth of worldly experience, as well as a well-rounded knowledge of fashion, arts, culture, and technology. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of some of the most cosmopolitan, ultramodern, and state-of-the-art products to give even the most discriminating consumer.

Piece Water Solution

For the sophisticated smoker in your life, give the gift of a clean piece and silky smooth hits with Piece Water Solution. This magical solution not only keeps glass looking incredible, it also makes hits smooth as silk. It’s made from 100 percent all-natural food-grade mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts. Add Piece Water Solution to a clean bong, bubbler or rig and it will remain clean and clear from resin buildup. When you are ready to change your bong’s Piece Water Solution, simply rinse your pipe with tap water and it will be clean. In addition, Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter, which makes for cleaner and much smoother hits. Dabs or flowers, it’s a game changer, especially for hard-to-clean pieces. For the glass lover in your life there is no better stocking-stuffer than a 12-ounce bottle of Piece Water Solution. Learn more at

Price: $7 and up

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy Lobo

Blunt of the Month Club

The brand-new Blunt of the Month club effectively brings the subscription service to new heights, as it were. Each month, lucky consumers will get a curated box of 10 Lobo Presidentes, with each blunt featuring 2.8 grams of high-grade indoor cannabis infused with FOCUS Concentrates live resin, all hand rolled in a hemp wrapper and finished with a glass tip. Customers can order boxes for delivery in California, and even opt to have the fancy humidor boxes personalized with custom laser etching. At $350, it’s about the price of the same amount of premium cannabis retail. Learn more at

Price: $350

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy RYOT

RYOT Krypto-Kit

The RYOT® Krypto-Kit™ is the most popular pocketable storage system for glass bats and small vapes ever designed. Released in 2000, the Krypto-Kit was RYOT’s first invention. Today, the Krypto-Kit has been designed with smaller specs for extra pocketability, odor absorption technology, and optimized storage for smoking accessories. The Krypto-Kit is the perfect solution for the daily smoker. Learn more at

Price: $23 and up (For 25 percent off, use promo code RYOTHOLIDAY at checkout)

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy Greenlane

K. Haring Glass Collection

The late, great Keith Haring (1958 – 1990) gained pop-icon status back in the 1980s for his colorful and stylized figurative drawings. At the time, his seemingly ubiquitous work appeared everywhere from the streets of New York to the museums of the world. Now, his signature style continues to endure, even forming the basis of a new collection of functional glass art and lifestyle products from Greenlane, one of the largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories, CBD, and liquid nicotine products worldwide. Visit to learn more.

Price: $5 – $220

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy GRAV®

GRAV® Menorah

Bringing new meaning to “high holidays,” GRAV’s outstanding menorah is a completely unique candelabrum that substitutes eight different pinch bowls for traditional candle holders. Designed by Stephan Peirce, it measures slightly over one foot in length, making for a truly original statement piece. For anyone who can’t decide between buying a religious object, a work of art, or a mind-expanding water pipe, the Grav Menorah is a truly multipurpose statement piece that is sure to spark some interesting conversation this season. For more information, visit

Price: $399

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy Well Told Designs

Well Told Custom Night Sky Insulated Tumbler

Fans of High Times’ Space Case column will enjoy Well Told’s hyper-customized vessel that depicts an engraved map of the sky from any date and time, down to the minute. Available in white or midnight blue, this 20-ounce powder-coated stainless-steel number features all the stars, constellations, and planets that occupied the sky in any period. It’s also vacuum-insulated for extended heating/cooling, and comes with a hardy slide-close lid to durably commemorate any birth, marriage, or any other milestone. Visit to learn more.

Price: $34.50

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers

Mint Cookies Live Badder

Chronic Creations is a premium hydrocarbon extraction company. The family owned and operated facility was established in 2015 with the goal to provide high-quality concentrates at an affordable price. Chronic Creations uses lab grade butane/propane to carefully extract the cannabinoids and terpenes and purge off the remaining gas to leave a beautiful end-product that represents the essence of cannabis. More info at

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy Silver Mountain Hemp

Silver Mountain Hemp Guitar Speaker Cabinets

As most of us know, industrial hemp is used to craft everything from smokable herb to rope, fabric, paper, and more. Now, everyone’s favorite eco-friendly material is being used to make highly original hemp guitar speaker cabinets. In a collaboration with the Hard Truckers Speaker Company, Silver Mountain Hemp has a revolutionary series of handcrafted speaker cabinets to help create even more beautiful music, whether at home, on stage, or on the road. Pair them with the original Tone Tubby alnico hemp cone or Eminence Cannabis Rex hemp cone speakers for a more personalized experience. Visit to learn more.

Price: Price upon request

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy Toker Poker

Toker Poker

Your stocking-stuffer search ends here. For only $10, the Toker Poker will certainly bring cheer to that special stoner on your list (even if it’s you). This soulfully designed lighter case has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick, and lighter are in the same place. More info at

Price: $9.95 and up (Use promo code CULTURE20 for 20 percent off. Offer expires 12/31/2019)

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers
Courtesy My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase

One day, Doreen Sullivan found herself staring at her antique Venetian vase. Could she make it into a water pipe, maybe? The answer was yes. The brand expert, speaker, and creative visionary has since created My Bud Vase, a unique line of vintage vases that have been repurposed into completely one-of-a-kind water pipes. Not only do they get you high, but they’re gorgeous to look at, too. In the words of Sullivan herself, “It’s just like anything with art, if you love looking at the piece, you’ll just keep falling more in love with it.” Visit for more information.

Price: $42 and up

Some brands have paid for inclusion in this gift guide.

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