The High Times Gift Guide To Flower

Go back to the basics with simple, pure flower.
The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Denver Recreational

You know the feeling. No matter how hard you try, you can’t figure out which weed-themed present to give your favorite stoner for the holidays. Fortunately, your choices aren’t limited to gimmicky marijuana-themed jewelry or a snowman in the shape of a bong. Just look to the source and give ’em some good old-fashioned flower instead.


A fantastic combination of elite genetics make up the parents of this award-winning sativa: Forum GSC x Face Off OG, created by the legendary Archive seedbank. Featuring a sweet baking terpene profile with an earthy/OG undertone, there’s an uplifting, creative, and productive effect — the result of a 69 to 70-day bloom cycle. It’s one of the newest additions to a line of award-winning strains and multi-award-winning shelf, which includes 54 overall awards, 18 first place, and four grand champion awards since Den-Rec started competing at the end of 2015. 35-40 strains are available daily, all produced in house by an elite grow team led by Ryan Buffkin and Fallon McCaskill. Along with their flower, you can find all of Den-Rec’s elite products offered in Colorado at their locations. More info at

Price: Varies

Belushi’s Secret Stash

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Belushi’s Farm

Hand-harvested from actor/activist Jim Belushi’s 93-acre farm in Eagle Point, Oregon, Belushi’s Secret Stash features more than a dozen premium sungrown genetics that include Jim’s favorite Cherry Pie and Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica, named after the so-called “backstage friend” of the Saturday Night Live writers and cast in the early 1970s. Right now, Belushi’s Secret Stash is available only at select retailers in Oregon. Hopefully, that’ll soon change. Visit to learn more.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Marley Naturals

Marley NaturalTM

Core premium pre-rolls are made exclusively from locally-sourced and sustainably-sungrown whole flower. Each pre-roll is carefully hand-filled in unbleached paper with a crutch filter for that smooth Marley smoke. Each reusable tin includes three half-gram pre-rolls, which are perfect for any occasion. Available in sativa, hybrid, indica, and CBD. Learn more at

Price: $16

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower

Lowell Farms’ Home for the Holidays

You definitely do not want to judge this book by its cover. From the outside, it may look like required reading, but open it up and you’ll find that instead of hundreds of pages, there are five one-gram top-shelf flower pre-rolls to help get you through the inevitable stress of the holidays. With the Home for the Holidays collection, Lowell Farms proves that home is, indeed, where the heart — and the herb — is. Visit to learn more.

Price: $55 and up

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Mind Your Head

Mind Your Head

Your guide to cannabis-enhanced consciousness. Legendary explorer and artist living at the “Edge of Magic,” Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart invites all adventurous spirits to follow their sense of wonder. Find your groove and beckon the muse with Mind Your HeadTM Magic Minis, ten 1/3 gram pre-rolls expertly packed with stimulating whole flower Chemdog. Each reusable tin is adorned with Hart’s celebrated artwork. Visit

Price: $30

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Lady Jays

Lady Jays

A female-positive creative agency in Portland, Oregon, Ladies of Paradise (LoP) is a one-stop-shop for cannabis event planning. Now, LoP has a line of ten-pack, half-gram joint boxes with a chic, womanly aesthetic that set it apart from the rest. “This is just the beginning for our cannabis product ideas,” said Jade Daniels, Ladies of Paradise founder and co-owner. “Joints are the main way we consume cannabis as the Ladies of Paradise team, so it was almost a no-brainer to start there.” Visit for more information.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry’s Holiday Bundles of Joy

In December, Good Chemistry is rolling out three special holiday bundle packages. Package Number One treats you and yours to any quarter ounce of Good Chemistry Nurseries’ remarkable flower and two (100mg) District Edible Gummies for $55. Package Number Two lets you enjoy four (one gram) joints for $20. Package Number Three includes eight (500mg) GC processed cartridges for $160, eight (one gram) GC processed syringes for $120 or eight (one gram) mix n’ match GC processed wax/shatter for $100. Stop by Good Chemistry’s brand-new Highlands location in Colorado, or visit their other three locations in Denver and Aurora. Adult use only. Not valid with other promotions. Offer ends 01/01/2020. While supplies last. More information at

Price: $20 and up

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Canndescent


Canndescent grows its proprietary genetics with purified water and organic pest management, customizing the environment by stage and strain. They flush, dry, and cure their product for over a month, picking by the stem and trimming by hand without ever touching the flower. After making sure that the flowers “glisten, shimmer, and snap,” Canndescent packages the final product in child-resident glass with humidity packs for a longer shelf life, all while delivering consistent experiences. Visit to learn more.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Harvest

Harvest Holiday Pre-roll Cards

Make the season cheery and bright with three limited-edition cards that feature a pre-roll holder. A clever holiday collab with 420Cardz, these Harvest Holiday Pre-roll Cards will have the cannabis consumers on your holiday shopping list feeling the love. The pre-roll joint is not included. Visit for more info.

Price: $7.99

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower
Courtesy Co2lors

Co2lors Pre-roll

Experience the difference of distillate infused premium flower rolled with natural fruit flavors for a potent experience that’s big on taste. Discreet enough to take the flavorful fun with you and fun enough to pass around, it’s available in four flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Melon and Grape Dreams. Everything that touches your lips should taste this beautiful. Go to to learn more.

Price: $8

Some brands have paid for inclusion in this gift guide.

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