Tips and Tricks For Your First Time Smoking Weed

Clueless about smoking weed? Here’s how to make your first time a success.
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Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. If it’s your first time smoking weed, don’t worry. Nobody starts out blowing smoke rings and holding in dank bong rips or highly concentrated dabs. Following some sensible tips to make sure the first smoke session goes smoothly will keep any paranoia and or potential mishaps at bay. Relax—it won’t take a guidebook to do it right. This isn’t a gym workout with a thousand steps or repetitions. Instead, read over this simple checklist on how to smoke weed for the first time before joining the circle of smokers. Then, just enjoy that first time high.


It’s easier said than done. But the first major key to the first time smoking weed requires you to do what every yoga class asks of those stretching out their hamstrings in downward dog: breathe. Starting out relaxed provides a critical, easy-going foundation for the session ahead. No matter what, before puffing on what’s being passed around, gain control over your breathing and check in with yourself. Make sure that enjoying the ganja that has been offered to you is actually what you want to do. But ignore any of the urban legends and myths that might hold you back; they are nonsense. Following these tips and tricks for your first time smoking weed will keep you safe and sane while helping to get you stoned.

Try smoking weed on its own

Too often, a pipe or one-hitter gets passed around while people enjoy a cigarette outside of a bar or at a party. So common is the smoke session deep into the drunken night, with everyone already slurring their speech and trying out dance moves or conversation with people they never would while sober. But for the first time smoking weed, consider indulging with just marijuana and leaving out the other substances. By eliminating other things, you can focus in on how the weed alone makes you feel and act. Plus, the effects of combining substances and contraindications won’t cause any issues to your high.

Side note: if you happen to be an overly ambitious first-time weed smoker, and you’ve decided to take an edible and then smoke, reconsider. Try the edible alone too, and analyze the effects of it as a control in your experiment before consuming more cannabis.

Control your surroundings

Finding the right setting for your sesh will literally set the ground for the adventure ahead. Try to find a secure place where you’re not constantly checking over your shoulder for blue and red lights or some other authority. Sure, the ambiance and views very well should amplify the experience. But always keep in mind local laws and regulations regarding marijuana. Even certain areas of a city can differ. There are many ways to disguise the stench of the fun you’re up to. Feeling safe wherever you decide to puff, puff, and pass for your first time smoking weed will keep the paranoia low and the high, well… as high as it can get.

Use the buddy system

For a first-time weed smoker, it’s important that the first time smoking weed, you’re not alone. We’re not saying you need to be babysat, but using the buddy system will help everyone stay safe in the event things go south. A buddy can also guide and influence your high, making it better or worse. For this reason, having multiple people can either be a good or bad thing for your first high. Considering trying it with your family? Just keep in mind the personalities you can and cannot stand while sober. Remember to keep those personalities you can’t stand away or they may sabotage those good feelings and vibes you’ve smoked so hard for.

Learn your paraphernalia and product

It’s okay to ask how something hits when learning how to smoke weed for the first time. No one will fault you if you ask for a brief tutorial on the paraphernalia offered to you.

Confused about how to hold a J or a blunt? It isn’t a cigarette; try holding it between your thumb and pointer finger near where you take a drag.

Don’t understand where the carb is on that elephant pipe the girl in your dorm offers you? (Hint: always check for a butt hole on an animal pipe!)

Arms short like a T-Rex and can’t reach the lighter to the bowl on that incredibly tall bong your roommate says you gotta try?

It’s also wise to know the marijuana you will be enjoying, whether that be an indica or a sativa. If concerned about side effects, it’s important to know before you inhale to understand before you’re dealing with a type of high you didn’t want to experience.

It’s okay. Just ask. No one is going to shame you for being new to the game and needing a little extra guidance or confirmation. More than likely, they want to help you get high. And if they don’t, well, go find some new friends. Nobody wants to be around someone negative and unfriendly when they’re getting high.

Yo, just be cool

Seriously, the weed will make you feel good, first-time weed smoker. But that doesn’t mean you need to start drawing attention to the circle with loud noises, singing, or sudden movement. Just remember to always be cool. Enjoy the high, don’t force it or ruin it for your counterparts in the smoking circle.

Use movies and TV only as a loose reference point

We get it. You’ve been eager to for your first-time weed experience since you first watched Half Baked, Pineapple Express, or anything with Cheech and Chong. Maybe you’ve been itching to try since you binged Broad City or Weeds or saw some scene in a family show like 7th Heaven where they stigmatize what all the cool kids are doing. Well, it isn’t exactly like it is in the movies or on TV. This is real life. And unlike many of the actors in those scenes (mostly just 7th Heaven), you are smoking actual cannabis. So don’t anticipate your first time will be cinematic. The expectation may let you down. But also, don’t think that your first time smoking weed will automatically make you a pot smoker or to the haters, an addict. It takes real practice and dedication to become a marijuana connoisseur. Be patient and learn from your own experience, not the screen.


No, seriously. It’s okay. If there’s one thing to take away about how to smoke weed for the first time it’s that coughing is completely normal. The sharp intake of breath before a cough may also possibly accelerate your high. If the smoke burns your throat a little, and you feel something different than air entering your lungs, most likely, you are doing it right. But if it’s feeling too harsh to handle, maybe you’re doing it wrong. Don’t be afraid to try again, first-time weed smoker.

Always remember to pass it on

Heads up, first-time weed smoker. Anyone who holds onto something burning and isn’t hitting or passing is liable to be kicked out of the circle. Just remember when learning how to smoke weed for the first time, things burn up quickly. And share, no matter how high you get.

Enjoy the physical effects

Sometimes when learning how to smoke weed for the first time, you just react to feeling. Try to socialize your smoke session and see how it affects your body. Or perhaps enjoy the creative aspects and try producing some new artwork, writing, doing yoga, or playing music. Don’t fight the feeling, embrace and use the high.

Acknowledge (even pre-plan) the munchies

Look, your first time smoking weed you will likely get a hunger like you have never experienced before. It will come from the deepest depths of your guts and summon you to try combining genius flavors you’d never dream of sober. You’ll never taste food as good as when you’re high. So plan accordingly. Know a designated driver who can take you to your favorite fast food place, or have these easy-to-make recipes on hand for some high kitchen fun.

Thank/pay your helpful friend and guide

Learning how to smoke weed for the first time requires learning manners. Be gracious if someone has offered you some of their stash. Offer to pay them back in whatever way they’ll accept. Thank them, obviously. You never know when they may offer you this experience again, first-time weed smoker.

If the high goes bad, remember to relax

The most important thing when learning how to smoke weed for the first time is to remember to relax. Return to step number one. Controlling that breath and trying to live in the high rather than fight it will help. However, if the high goes south, you are still safe and okay. Just follow some easy steps to come down softly.

How to Smoke Weed for the First Time and Enjoy It

Plenty of haters will be happy to share with you their tales of first-time smoke sessions gone crazy. They’ll invoke the nightmares of hallucination, of an unending anxious state, or tales of getting caught, and try to turn you off of Mary Jane. But a first-time weed smoker shouldn’t be afraid. These easy tips and tricks will help put all those anxieties about your first time smoking weed up in smoke.

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  1. Totally agree on just doing cannabis on its own if it’s your first time because if you mix its more likely you’ll trip and have a bad experience Also, definitely smoke with a friend, good company is also a huge part of the experience and wouldn’t want it any other way. This other guide is also helpful for first time cannabis smokers: which mentions that and a few other tips like what to try first. Definitely stick to the basics. The last thing you want to do is try an edible for the first time the first time you try weed since it can be a different experience every time and you aren’t as prepared to know what to expect.

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