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6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Avoid the 6 ways to kill a smoke sesh to keep the vibes right.

Ab Hanna



Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff & Passing

6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

For a long time “puff, puff and pass” has been a ritual in almost every smoke sesh.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you are bound to ruin any sesh you take part in.

Generally, you take two puffs and pass it to the next person unless something else was agreed upon.

Taking more than your fair share of hits is one of the greedier ways to kill a smoke sesh.

Final Hit: Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Now that you know the top 6 ways to kill a smoke sesh, you can no longer claim ignorance. Don’t be “that guy” who steals lighters, doesn’t contribute or does any of the things we listed. Use our guide to make sure you’re being considerate and doing the right thing at your next smoke sesh so you can keep getting invited back.

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