6 Ways To Save A Broken Weed Cartridge

No dab gets left behind.
6 Ways To Save A Broken Weed Cartridge

Accidental drops are bound to happen when it comes to small handheld devices. Especially when it comes to pre-filled hash oil cartridges. The thin glass protecting your oil is much more likely to crack than your other devices when you do. Not to mention, atomizers burn out from turning the temperature too high on a battery. It doesn’t matter if you cracked the glass or the atomizer is burnt. There are several ways to save a broken weed cartridge. Consuming the material inside is just going to be a little less convenient when traveling depending on the method you use.

Oil Syringe

6 Ways To Save A Broken Weed Cartridge

If you want your oil to be used as you originally intended, you can put it in a fresh empty cartridge. The best way to extract oil from a cartridge is the same method that was used to fill them.

You’re going to need an oil syringe. The mouthpiece of most standard pre-filled THC and CBD cartridges can be unscrewed.

Once the mouthpiece is unscrewed you can dip the tip of the syringe into the broken weed cartridge. It should be easy to get all of your precious oil out safely from there.

You’ll need to find an empty cartridge at a vape shop or online. Then you can push the oil into an empty cartridge. You can also consume it without an empty cartridge by using any of the following methods.

  1. Hello Ab, thank you for all your great articles on cannabis. I am always frustrated having my oil broke and a collection of oils with leftovers hoping they would someday work. I tried all different ways but nothing worked that well for me. I created a kit that helps transfer oil from one to another. It makes it so easy and it’s kind of fun. It works well and saves money. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=880TLs3fjmg&feature=emb_title. If you are interested I can send a few to you, let me know where to send it.

    1. Actually, it depends on the oil type. There are distillates and RSOs, several come in cartridges or syringes that can be used to refill said cartridge OR dab directly.

  2. Well, I’m glad to have read this to say the least. Never would have dove into this topic myself. Very interesting!

  3. I just broke mine and I been hitting it broken since there wasn’t much left. It’s working pretty well so I assume you could also do this.

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