2014 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup Winners

Here are the results of the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Congratulations to all of our winners – and thank you to the great state of Michigan for its hospitality!


1ST – Oasis Medical Seeds – Paris OG
2ND – Herbal Solutions – Alien Dawg F2
3RD – Herban Legendz, LLC – Grape OX


1ST – Arborside Compassion – CATFISH
2ND – Organibliss – Ghost Train Haze #1
3RD – We Grow Education and Collective Centers – MelonGum


1ST – Herbal Solutions – Gorilla Glue
2ND – Pure West Compassion Club – Death Star
3RD – Kushman Veganics for Buds & Roses – Veganic Candyland


1ST – Mr. B’s Extracts – Raskal’s Lemon
2ND – 710 Savant – Kosher Kush Dewaxed
3RD – Oasis Medical / Vader Extracts / Dab Vader – Candy Jack Shatter

Non-Solvent Hash

1ST – NLG – Jedi Kush Ice Wax
2ND – Arborside Compassion – HeadCandy Kush Hash
3RD – New World Seeds Resource Center – Northern Hash Plant Hash


1ST – DepoTown – Captain Kirks’ Lime in the Coconut
2ND – Metro Detroit Compassion Club Inc. – Special Fx Labs – Dark Chocolate Mint – Quad Chunk
3RD – Arborside Compassion – Arborside Delights Gorilla Paw


Flowers Detroit Nutrient Company / IDK Farms – Canatonic
Concentrates CANNA Vest / care of Michigan Hemp Company – Concentrated Hemp Oil “CBD”
Edibles – MTG – Flower of Life Extract CBD Pills w/ Vernon Phillips

Best Booth

1ST – Vader Extracts
3RD – Pure West Compassion Club

Best Product

1ST – Dab Stix by Dab Stix
2ND – Dabkins by Dabkins
3RD – Terpp Extractors by Terpp Extractors

Best Glass

1ST – Nexus Glass by Nexus Glass
2ND – Torched Glass Art by Torched Glass Art
3RD – Silika Double Recycler by Silika Glass


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