Can Cannabis Help Female-Related Health?

Can Cannabis Help Female-Related Health?
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When it comes to female-related health, cannabis can be a life-saver. Literally. Thousands of women use the healing powers of marijuana to combat the painful symptoms of chronic conditions like endometriosis and pre-menstrual syndrome. Many women are also using weed to have better sex. If you’re considering weed to alleviate your pain or amp up your sex game, here’s the rundown.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Anyone who has ever experienced menstruation has likely also experienced pre-menstrual syndrome. Often abbreviated to PMS, it’s a catch-all term for the various side-effects that can come with an internal organ ripping itself up. Some of the common side-effects include nausea, moodiness, migraines and abdominal cramps, ranging from mild to severe. Some people even experience fever-like symptoms, such as chills and dizziness.

It’s a lot of fun.

Best of all, most people who experience these symptoms get to experience them every 21-35 days.

While PMS is unpleasant, there are over-the-counter medications that one can take to alleviate it. Common pills include Midol and Advil. While OTC medication is totally fine, it’s not the best option for some.

So what are you supposed to do when you’re cramping up and can’t stomach these meds? Curl up with a heating pad and hope the pain passes soon? 

For centuries, women have found relief in the form of cannabis.

Whether you smoke it, eat it or slather on a topical, weed has been shown to alleviate the pain, nausea and depression that often comes with getting your period. While there are about a million strains of bud on the planet, indica-dominant weed is likely your best choice for soothing your PMS.


While endometriosis is also a cause of pelvic pain, it’s an entirely different beast than PMS.

Endometriosis is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects about 10 percent of women worldwide. Characterized by the development of endometrial tissue developing outside the uterus, it causes excruciating pain, emotional distress and in many cases, infertility.

There is currently no cure for endometriosis. And it’s notoriously difficult to diagnose.

Some sufferers go 30 years without a proper diagnosis. Doctors commonly prescribe opioid-based medication to alleviate the debilitating pain. But opioids often come with a host of unpleasant side-effects including constipation and dependency.

Today, more and more sufferers of endometriosis are finding relief from cannabis. Now that medical marijuana is becoming more accepted, people with this disease have a wide variety of strains and consumption methods to choose from.


If you’re someone who has trouble having sex, you’re not alone. Uncomfortable or painful penetration and trouble reaching orgasm are common problems.

Luckily, our BFF Mary Jane is one hell of a sex therapist. She might be able to help you out. There are a few companies now that make THC-infused lubricant and even a strain of weed cultivated specifically to help women climax.

Even without the fancy lube and orgasm-inducing strains, cannabis is a known aphrodisiac. It enhances every part of the human sexual response cycle, making it the perfect accessory for your nightstand drawer.

It’s virtually impossible in this day and age to not know about the myriad health benefits that cannabis has to offer. But can cannabis help with female-related health specifically? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. From the commonly experienced pre-menstrual syndrome to the emotionally draining endometriosis and to sex problems, medical marijuana can be a panacea for female-related health issues.

  1. Since we are talking about how cannabis can help female-related health, can we talk about vaginal health too? Every female knows that you need to be healthy down there. I checked out this website and now I know that CBD is the real deal. Does any other female use it?

  2. Cannabis kept my grandmother with cervical cancer alive for a few extra weeks, and she was happy for those last few weeks. I discovered that weed chilled out my anxiety from years abuse at home and after years of being told to see the world in my abusers image I was able to slow down enough to see the world on my own. And even when I’d sober up I’d still see the world differently after. Now the use has shifted to creating artwork while high, sitting down for hours and pouring my soul into this art and the results are so rewarding.

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