Grow Q&A: Strains for Glaucoma

Dear Dan, As a reader since Issue #1, a bean user since 1966, and a successful grower since the ’80s, I am in need of some medical advice. I have posed this question to several medical outlets to no avail so I turn to the person I should have gone to in the first place!
I have had several operations on both eyes for macular holes, a detached retina in the left eye, and a “buckle” on the left eye as well. Macular holes cause a squiggle in your eyesight and they must be filled with an air bubble much like the plug of a boat.
I have high ocular pressure which puts a strain on these holes and have looked for strains of cannabis to relieve this pressure. I have grown A-train and Afghani both which tend to help, but I would appreciate any CBD-high strain suggestions which would help with eye pressure. I know that some of my strains, which may give a great buzz, may actually be hurting my eyes. I live in Tennessee and have a pretty good growing period for farming.
I would appreciate any help you might have on identifying some “eye-friendly” strains to help me in my golden years; I am now 63. – John K.

Dear John,

I consulted with my friend Lisa Calvin, budtender at Mountain Medicinals in Idaho Springs Colorado and glaucoma patient since 2011. She says that the cannabionoid CBG (Cannabigerol) plays a major role in reducing ocular pressure but few strains have much of it. I’ve heard Mickey Kush from TGA Genetics has a decent amount of CBG but that’s anecdotal evidence at best. Lisa recommends juicing young marijuana sprouts and consuming cannabis at least every four hours for the best results. CBD also seems to play an important role in reducing the pressure from glaucoma so please look into growing strains high in CBD as well. A great resource to get started is Hope that helps!

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