24-Year-Old Launches His 4th CBD Store In 8 Months

A 24-year-old launches his 4th CBD store In 8 months, staking his claim in Canada’s legal cannabis scene.
24-Year-Old Launches His 4th CBD Store In 8 Months
Shelby Andrews

Toronto native Cody Coulson is taking the Canadian cannabis scene by storm. This year marks the opening of another Stop & Smell the Roses cannabis boutique as this 24-year-old launches his 4th CBD store in 8 months. Perfectly poised to following the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana, Stop & Smell the Roses is Canada’s first CBD-based wellness franchise.

The Benefits of CBD: Cody Coulson’s Story

Coulson’s history with medical marijuana is deeply personal. At 11 years old, Cody watched his father, diagnosed with intestinal cancer, struggle to access marijuana.

Coulson tells High Times, “I noticed the major lack of both access to and knowledge about the cannabis industry. After he passed away, I was frustrated with the cannabis system’s lack of regulation and access to quality products, and driven to find a solution.”

At eighteen years old, Cody experienced his own bout of illness. After Cody’s first grand mal seizure, doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy.

The medicine given to Cody produced a host of negative side effects.

Unable to experience life the way he used to, Cody looked for different treatments, including CBD. Yet doctors would not prescribe cannabis.

Cody explains, “After months of asking my family doctor for alternatives (including CBD), the short answer was no.”

Motivated by the “cold sweats, insomnia, anxiety and a severe loss of emotion” that came along with his prescriptions, Cody began taking CBD against his doctor’s advice.

CBD has allowed Cody to stop taking the medications prescribed by his doctors. Cody successfully ended the cycle of side effects and avoided other prescriptions to counteract them, with cannabis.

“I also haven’t had a seizure in the 3 years I’ve been taking it,” Cody tells High Times.

Beginning a CBD Business

24-Year-Old Launches His 4th CBD Store In 8 Months
Shelby Andrews

As this 24-Year-Old launches his 4th CBD store in 8 months, he not only has personal experience but research to back him up.

To date, Cody has published papers on CBD’s medical benefits, and graduated with a degree in Plant Production and Facility Management. It’s with his education qualifications and passion for medicinal cannabis that this 24-year-old launches his 4th CBD store in 8 months.

But Stop & Smell the Roses is more than a business. Though Coulson’s ultimate goal is for his franchise to become a  major player in the Canadian cannabis industry, he’s also interested in teaching people about CBD.

According to Coulson, many people come into his store to learn about the benefits of CBD. Coulson observes that there is still a lot of stigma surrounding medical, never mind recreational, marijuana.

Stop & Smell the Roses is dedicated to changing this.

Coulson explains, “We write frequent blogs and educational material, we offer free consultations to anyone wanting to learn more, we speak to people in-store and online every day.”

Their CBD Product Line

24-Year-Old Launches His 4th CBD Store In 8 Months
Shelby Andrews

Stop & Smell the Roses carries a variety of hemp-based products such as body creams, oils, and bath bombs.

Additionally, they sell an assortment of marijuana accessories like water pipes and concentrate pens. Stop & Smell the Roses even offers CBD treats for your pet.

Future Developments

24-Year-Old Launches His 4th CBD Store In 8 Months
Shelby Andrews

With legalization on the horizon, Stop & Smell the Roses is already developing a THC product line.

Coulson tells High Times, “We’ve begun construction of our extraction facility, which will be a licensed cannabis processor once complete (of solvent-less cannabis extract).”

Looking to the future, Coulson hopes to build Stop & Smell the Roses into a multi-province retailer.

He explains, “We also plan to expand into British Columbia this year to branch into cannabis retail […]. Ontario doesn’t look like they will be including private retail in their model.”

Final Hit: 24-Year-Old Launches His 4th CBD Store In 8 Months

As this 24-year-old launches his 4th CBD store in 8 months, there’s no end in sight for Cody Coulson.

Stop & Smell the Roses is poised to make its mark on the Canadian cannabis scene though medical and recreational marijuana retail, and much-needed marijuana education.

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