New Crowdfunding Site for Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical marijuana patients can now employ the use of a crowdfunding website to assist them in raising the funds for medicine. The site is called, which is revered as a “first of its kind” platform aimed at connecting the medical marijuana community with patients who need help procuring the necessary capital to meet their monthly cannabis budget.

Patients who use can set up an online campaign that will allow them to approach family, friends and kind-hearted strangers in an attempt to establish financial support for medical marijuana — a resource that founder Steve Bloome believes was missing from the market.

“Patients with severe, limiting and often life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, PTSD, spinal cord injuries, cancers and other debilitating afflictions are the same patients who need these medicines the most when traditional medicines aren’t providing any relief,” he said. “Ironically, these are also typically the same patients who can least afford the treatments and medicine(s) they so desperately need. That just didn’t seem right.”

Interestingly, patients can utilize the website to raise money for other financial obstacles that may arise as a result of seeking out effective medicine: travel, lodging, food, state medical marijuana cards and, of course, medical marijuana are all acceptable needs under guidelines.

“As we began developing our dedicated crowd funding platform, we realized the same obstacles and financial challenges held true for many other long-suffering people with incapacitating diseases that CBD and MMJ medicines are known to give relief for when traditional medicines don’t,” said Bloome. “In many patients with MS, muscular dystrophy, PTSD and even some cancers for example, we found that the sheer amount of traditional pharmaceutical medicines those patients were prescribed were causing terrible, even potentially life-threatening adverse side effects that actually made them feel worse, as well as costing them a small fortune. We began to realize that the financial strain of being able to obtain medicinal cannabis or CBD oil/tinctures was a much more widespread problem we initially thought, irrespective of from which serious affliction or disease the patient was suffering.”

Although allows patients in the United States to raise money for expenses pertaining to medical marijuana, Bloome says it is important for people to understand individual state medical marijuana laws to avoid the potential for prosecution.

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