Not All CBD Is Created Equal

There are lots of choices when it comes to the CBD market place these days, but few companies have the level of quality that Pure CBD Exchange has. They offer full lab tests for all their products and are quite transparent when it comes to their 100 percent pesticide-free guarantee.

I’ve had the pleasure of recently trying their isolate and their Isoterp Shatter. What makes their products so good is the flavor of their concentrates. The cherry taste that is normally found in CBD-rich products really comes out when you dab their isolates. A low-temp dab in this case was incredibly rewarding, as the bouquet of cherry flavor expanded into my lungs.

Their traditional isolate has the texture of snowflakes. It really is a remarkable product.

As for strength, once you start to go above 95 percent and see crystallization, you know that they have a top-of-the-line product. However, all isolates are not created equal, and the proof is in the taste and high—which is where Pure CBD Exchange’s products excel.

I was very pleased with their isolates and am excited to also try their tinctures and gel caps. Pure CBD exchange uses two different types of carrier oil in their tinctures. They have one based on MCT oil and one with hemp seed oil. What makes their tinctures so special is they are based on full spectrum CO2 oil, which—rather than making use of separated compounds, like distillate—provide the patient with broader medicinal properties.

Their website is also full of amazing information about CBD and its benefits, which, if you are new to the product, makes it more accessible. I highly recommend you look no further than Pure CBD Exchange if you want a top quality dab-able isolate. Their prices are also below average for the quality of their products.

Their products come highly recommended, and I’d look no further than Pure CBD exchange for all your CBD needs.

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