POTN Stock—Is Now the Time to Invest in Cannabis Shares?

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Being successful in the stock market is all about watching market trends and jumping on new opportunities as soon as they arise. With that in mind, this may be the best time to consider investing in marijuana.

After all, marijuana has recently become legal in even more states throughout the United States, and thus it is highly likely that it will quickly become a big market in California and elsewhere around the country. In short, when Los Angeles voters approved Measure M and created regulations for adult-use marijuana, the City of Angels was quickly positioned to steal the title of “Marijuana Capital” from Denver.

As evident from the retail sector, there are companies already selling marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia, and now, we are exposed to even more inventive products, such as chocolates with microdoses of cannabis.

This is attracting many investors, both big and small, who see pot stocks as a fantastic and likely growing opportunity. 

And if you are looking for good stock with which to start, you may be pleased and interested in an industry leader, PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (stock symbol: POTN).

Introducing POTN

PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (POTN) is a publicly traded company operating in the marijuana and hemp-related markets through its amazingly popular wholly owned subsidiary. The company’s subsidiaries include Sunrise Auto Mall, Inc., First Capital Venture Co. and Diamond CBD, Inc. 

As you might have guessed, it is Diamond CBD, Inc.—a recent acquisition completed in 2017—that deals with the marijuana market.

Through Diamond CBD, the company focuses on the research and development of premium hemp extract products using hemp-derived cannabidiol. These CBD extracts contain a broad profile of cannabinoids and other hemp derivative molecules. The company already manufactures and develops a number of hugely successful hemp-derived CBD oils and isolate items, which are widely distributed on the retail market through a vast distribution network.

As a result of the company’s dominating representation at diversified trade shows and conventions, combined with strategic publicity efforts, the company continues to enjoy considerable growth, clientele and brand recognition for its specialty cannabidiol snacks and oil products. 

What Does This Mean for Investors?

So, what does all this mean for someone looking to invest their money into the growing cannabis industry?

First, it is important to recognize the distinction between CBD and THC products. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana which causes feelings of euphoria and of being “high.”

CBD, meanwhile, is another prominent active ingredient in marijuana and comprises approximately 40 percent of all active ingredients. While it has medicinal benefits, it is not psychoactive.

A quick search on the internet reveals that CBD is useful for stress relief, pain relief and is regularly prescribed for treating cancer and epilepsy. In general, CBD makes you feel better—and good.

Those that are worried about investing in marijuana for ethical reasons may be alleviated to learn that these products have medicinal value that can help with pain management, headaches, neurological conditions and more but without causing the effects associated with “smoking pot.”  

Besides retail locations, the company also sells its products to doctors, pain management clinics and other medical facilities ,meaning that it is unlikely the company’s products will ever fall out of demand. Medicine is always in demand—even during economic turmoil.

The other aspect to consider is that the company continually conducts research specifically for the improvement and development of additional uses for the concentrated extracts.

This is another positive sign for investors, since research can yield incredible profits almost overnight and without warning. At the moment, the stock has received considerable interest, and the value is holding very steady—but this could change instantly as financial statements are disclosed and if the company creates another breakthrough item. 

There are more reasons to view Diamond CBD (POTN) as an interesting stock as well.

For one, the research is looking at a specific area within the marijuana industry that is experiencing phenomenal and considerable growth. The use of cannabis concentrate extracts is growing steadily, and this can be seen in the popularity of dabbing.

Using extracts allows for marijuana to be consumed from a hot surface such as a nail, which in turn, results in a much more intense and immediate effect. The benefit for medicinal users is that they can receive faster and more immediate pain relief, while at the same time avoiding the need to smoke large amounts of cannabis.

Company News

The company itself has also been steadily and exponentially experiencing growth and has been providing investors with a lot of reason to be confident.

Recently, one of Diamond CBD’s premiere products, known as Chill Gummies, were featured on the cover of the Big Industry Buyers’ Guide, a leading cannabis and counterculture periodical. 

Chill Gummies are CBD-infused “mini fruits” (candies) that offer the natural stress-relieving benefits of CBD oil. The gummies are available in a variety of different flavors and colors and are marketed just like any other sweet such as Gummy Bears or Haribo. To see the gummies featured so prominently on an industry magazine is a strong sign that the company is making the right moves with its business decisions and marketing.

And that is not the only high profile exposure this product has enjoyed lately either. The gummies were also featured by Smoke and Vape Business Solutions in April and B2B Wholesaler Magazine in January.

The latter commented that: “The steady growth and sudden explosion of Diamond CBD products is no surprise. The company continues to create innovative products that consumers love and industry retailers cannot keep on the shelf.”

PotNetwork recently announced that Diamond CBD, Inc. (POTN) had disclosed groundbreaking first quarter 2017 sales results of $1,858,347.48, which exceeded the total sales volume of $1,663,081.78 for the entire calendar year of 2016.

With such huge sales and continued product development, more press coverage is expected in the coming months, which in turn, is likely to lead to increased interest and trading in the company’s stock.

Meanwhile, Diamond CBD enjoyed another huge boost from a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm, which discovered from a comprehensive report that Diamond CBD products may well offer the same benefits as CBD in other forms. That is to say, that they could be effective at reducing pain and stress, while also controlling seizures. 

In other news, the company recently moved its state of incorporation from Wyoming to Colorado. This move followed shortly after PotNetwork’s purchase of Diamond CBD (POTN).

With continued growth expected in the industry, more states passing legislation permitting use and mainstream acceptance, now is the time to invest in marijuana stocks and consider adding POTN into your portfolio.

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