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Scientists Discover CBD May Help Bone Fractures

Sirius J



A study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research recently showed the clinical potential of CBD for treating bone-related diseases.

Rats with fractured femurs healed faster when given CBD, and with a mixture of CBD and THC. CBD + THC healed bones well, but THC was not necessary to gain the effect. The research focuses on gaining the medical potential of cannabinoid without getting the patient high by using CBD only.

Scientists also uncovered other links between the cannabinoid system and the skeleton, meaning that research will continue into the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids for bones. CBD has been studied  for the treatment of Graft-versus-Host disease in bone-marrow transplants, further implicating the connection between the skeleton and the cannabinoid system.

Links like these between the cannabinoid system and other parts of the body will continue to arise as research continues and modern medicine will begin to adopt CBD’s immunosuppressant and ant inflammatory effects. CBD can do wonders, but THC and the rest of cannabis can’t be left by the wayside. A lot of effort goes into scrubbing cannabinoid medicines of their psychoactive effects, but if society can get rid of the stigma against marijuana’s high, making it akin to caffeine, alcohol or prescription opiates, then the full medical potential of cannabis can finally be used.